Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The child in my arms is 6.5 weeks old and my last post was his birth. Blush. Things are a leeeeetle busy around here.

He's super cute. He even smiles. See?


The preschool teacher the other day said she took a photo of me when we went apple picking, two days before his birth. She said the photo was amazing, from the side. I'm dying to see it but I'm sure I'll be horrified as well.

I'm actually at that point where I'm going to start giving him a bottle so that I can Get Out and do fun things like volunteer in a first grade classroom. Watch out world! Okay, and so maybe I will go out for dinner with the husband and have wine and stuff once in a while too. 

Just had the first grade conference with the big boy's teacher, and she says he's great. Funny and great vocabulary and all that stuff I like to puff myself up about.