Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So yeah. By saying that the dog was me saying "I didn't have enough poop", I was summoning the poop gods. Two year old in diapers, 10 week old puppy, five year old with stomach ailment. I have had plenty of poop for a looong time.

I had a strange dream last night where I showed up for my c-section for number three, another blond daughter, and I was alone. It was almost like outpatient surgery.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Plays well with others! Just got back from a walk with Moon, who met neighbor-dog Kai, whom she was afraid of for a few minutes, then started climbing on his head and nipping his ears. They invited us over to play in their fenced yard sometime, when we're not both supposed to be doing something else. Hooray!

Easter was fun, very quiet for our standards. Just had the two brothers in law and their families over, so it was 10 total. I'll be eating leftover ham in many ways this week.

Kids had fun, a few new toys and not *too* much new candy. Big boy had a stomach bug so we talked about Jesus and Easter and skipped church. With him having full access to his own toilet at a moment's notice.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A few weeks ago, we went to a friend's concert (she's a professional violinist) and one of the names on the program matched someone I went to high school with (actually, we were in first grade together). It really true real life was him. So bizarre. I emailed him and he's all married and parenting and grownup and whatnot too. Small world. I mean, I didn't leave the state, but still, this is through my husband's business partner's wife, who is from Colorado.

Kids and dog are good. Moon is fantastic with the kids. M really wants to boss her around, that's probably the only hard part right now. Which, honestly, is not that much. She's learning where to poop and what to chew on, pretty well for six days home. And I swear she seems bigger already.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yup, we have a dog. She's 8 weeks old and her name is Moon. She's still little enough that she does things like lick her belly and fall over. G is over the moon (yes, *groan*) for her, Moon always needs to know where he is and follow him. M was asleep when we got her, so she woke, told us "I like this new doggie in our house!" and promptly shared her toast.

So far, she seems like a Kid Dog. She's a little jumpy but not really at all, so I'm trying to get the kids to discourage jumping, I think at this point it'll be easy. She's not very nippy (the other pups at the shelter, boxer mixes, gave me bruises from their "love bites"), and she is just the biggest cuddler ever. All she wants to do is be in a lap. We'll see how that works when she breaks 50 lb, but right now she hasn't even broken 10 so we're fine.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

We are *this* close to getting a new dog. Our first choice dogs are about 40 minutes away, and there are six applications in for four pups. However, the rescue gal practically told 
me that we're prime candidates. My only concern is that they're going to call the vet, and the cat is like 3 months behind on his checkup. Eek. 3 months ago, I had an appointment and he took off so I had to reschedule. I was all ready and he knew what the house coming out meant. I promptly forgot that he was overdue, and now I worry.

The other dog, who is a bit older, is in GA but could be here this weekend. This is a boy dog, super cute, but he's probably the second choice. I'm not sure they're going to call anyone though, they just want him to have a home. And I know that we could easily fall in love with him. My other concern with him is that we commit to him sight unseen, based on photos online and a 10 minute chat with his foster mom. The little pups, we can go visit and probably even choose which one. Not to mention, the little pups look a lot like our Viv.

So now I'm pricing out monogrammed pink leather collars and wondering if I need to bleach the crate now or later.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I don't know why, but the place that makes our yogurt covered pretzels being called Ann's House of Nuts is hysterical to me. And my mother in law's name is Ann, and she's the one I think of. The funniest part is, she would not find it funny at all.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Isn't it lovely when you're inside and your child decides he's done with his gum and just spits it onto the carpet, where another mom hands you a tissue and tells you what he did, which you didn't see because he's too old to do stupid crap like that? Nice.

This week I keep seeing a mature bald eagle over our garage. White head and all. I need to get a picture stat.