Thursday, March 31, 2005

Well, after everyone's illnesses, I have a cough. Fortunately, that's all it is, and I hope that's all it ever is. I'm downing the ricola drops and pretending they're working.

Saturday is the big class in Boston. I'm doing my own studying but am trying to leave nothing to chance. Monday is the big test. Eek.

He's so funny. His new thing is "a little bit". All the time. "Do you woant some fruit?" "a little bit". Do you want to go play with the kids? "a little bit". And the way he says it. You have to hear it.
And this morning, he kept putting his "tool guy" in my pocket. It's the little people dude who drives his dump truck. I kept handing it back, and in my pocket it went. So finally I said "should I take him to work and bring him back later?" he said yes. So when I put my jacket on for lunch and felt that, the hugest smile grew across my face. :adore
And suddenly, I have big, hard, sore boobies. Not like engorgement big, hard, sore, but just solid and sore. Firm.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Well, Pam just lost her baby too. That means of the 3 of us (when there are only 6 active members, this is huge) who were due in October, I'm the last standing. I want to still post about my pregnancy, but will probably lay fairly low and just talk about G and life, until they're pregnant again.
Yawn. Double yawn. One instant coffee isn't going to do my babe harm, right? Yawn.

I've been cleaning my house for eons preparing for easter, then last night, putting it all away and running the dishwasher 18 times and vacuuming the lamb's coconut fur from the carpet, and then G gets the croup. Well, he got it on Friday but I was in denial. Thank god meme was able to come over today, as I couldn't send him to his standard Monday place, with 2 other tots to get sick.

I need a nap.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

He's a hoot and a half. Last night we were laying around after his bath, me dressed and he in his diaper. He said "momma, you want some milk?" as he grabbed his nipples. So I said "okay" and went nibble nibble on his chest. Then I said "I want some leggie milk" and blew raspberries on his legs. Went around his body this way. He then said "I want some momma milk on your head" and blew razz on my forehead. We were rolling around in hysterics.

He's become such a love lately. He gives me kisses or says "momma I love you SO MUCH" without me even prompting.

And how cute is this?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My son is a godforsaken riot. This weekend we showered together, and asI was drying and he was just splashing around, he pooped in the shower. I related the story to someone as a funny. So yesterday, Su-sue is telling me funny stories, and he went "hahaha I pooped in the shower". Oh.My.God. I died.

We also dyed eggs last night. I got quite good at blowing them out and made some delicious smelling quiches. Frozen for Easter. I'm so trying to plan to keep craziness to a minimum.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Had the big real first doctors appointment on Friday. That was . . . okay. No attempt to hear the hb as I wasn't even 10 weeks yet. I just love my practice and my midwives. After I dressed we still sat down and had a chat. She read the report about Nino's birth, and we went over some of that. Not in a bad way, but just to recall and be a bit more aware this time.
Hubby came home on Friday and wanted to go away. We decided that it wasn't practical to go away, but we were going to be "on vacation" for the weekend. We ate every meal out (even breakfast!), did everything together (even groceries!) and did silly stuff like went to the beach. The seals were awesome. Nino loved them, the stick he found, and getting his socks, shoes, and cuffs soaked. We rented Napoleon Dynamite (thumbs up) and saw Million Dollar Baby (thumb wavering, meh). It was his birthday, so we went to his parents to celebrate with his brothers and all. Nino loved singing happy birthday *twice* and helping blow out candles *twice*. Lots of his saliva on the frosting, but everyone was a good sport about it.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Another good weekend. Not much going on. We're slowly telling more and more people (BIL Pete and his wife yesterday). Also, we're now officially committed to hosting Easter. That actually should be quite fun. I like having holidays so we don't have to trek around to see everyone.

Got a ton of snow on Saturday. I wasn't able to go to Rachel's party, but we did stay in and bake and stuff. I don't mind being snowed in. And fun with the boy.

Yesterday was a sick day. I'm glad I now have sick and not sick days, as opposed to the badness throughout of a bit ago.

My sense of smell is returning. Good, in that it brings taste with it. Mmm, funnybones. I just fear that the onion bagel I smelled at noon in the elevator is the one I brought in at 8 am and everyone has been smelling it since. In denial, I say no.
I'm also sad because A is losing her baby. She's as far along as I am, and we met on a ttc after miscarriage board. We got pregnant the second time together and her daughter is just 6 days younger than Nino. We were due within 3 days again this time. She's paid her dues. This shouldn't happen.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I have a cold. I could feel it was coming last night. Overnight it got bad. I'm not happy. I've had about a gallon of tea today. It makes me feel better for the 3 minutes immediately afterward.

I hope this is it. I don't want it to get worse before it gets better.

I think our boy will be Massimo, called Max. Vanni and Max? Nino and Max? Maxo? ;o)

Girl . . . this is going to be tough. I don't think daddy wants to even talk about it until we know we need to find a pink name. My new fave is Carolina.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sooo happy!!

I'm back! Everything was fine, other than the fact that everything took *forever*. Lucky the office is slow or my secret would be out. Bean is measuring 7w6d, which according to O date is spot on (I'm 8w2d LMP, but I know I o'ed around d17). Heartrate of 147, and yes, there's only one. ;o)

I'm thinking boy, as G's first heart rate was 150. But who knows right? I'm just on cloud nine.

I just loved seeing that little blob with the flicker. It was at the hospital, so it wasn't set up for me to see like in the ob's office. So I'm trying to read the tech/hubby's faces. All of a sudden hubby smiles and goes "is that a *baby*?!?" and the tech just grinned and said "yup!"

They gave us a pic.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I've worked myself into a tizzy. This morning I've been having these weird shooting pains, it feels like my cervix. Well then I went to the ladies' and found a tiny spot. TMI ahead, but I couldn't tell which part it was coming from. So I called the midwife, and they want me in for an ultrasound right away. I have been begging and now the time's here and I can't stop thinking worst-case. I have no reason to think anything's wrong, and know that this pain and possible spotting are probably attributable to last night's "marital relations", but I also have this weird fear of ultrasounds, as that's when we found out the first pregnancy wasn't right.

I'm also mostly symptomless. I don't know if I feel less nauseated or if I'm just getting used to the baseline crappiness feeling.

I'm not sure I'm going to sleep tonight.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Good weekend all around. Went to the rainforest cafe on friday, which Nino just adored. Met Meme for some shopping, and she got me a great outfit to wear to B's wedding, as well as just loads of all purpose clothing. Saturday went to Al's birthday event, as hubby was mixing concrete and making our house into a dust bowl. Yesterday headed to bridal shower 18000 miles away. It was fine. Big vats of scrambled eggs and mass produced danishes, but my belly actually did okay.

Even though it's a pita to move Nino mid day Mondays, he loves having a playdate every Monday morning, and I love seeing him in the middle of the day. Having lunch with him was a glorious break today.

Also, things are going on. I don't feel movement per se, but I feel lots of activity down there. Like things are stretching and rearranging. And my husband told me things look different. My fat is getting squished up high, above my belly button. Fortunately no weight gain yet. Small victories.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


I'm beyond thrilled. It was delicious, nutritious, and best part - still on the ins.

The woman who does our paychecks announced her pregnancy to me today. She's due exactly a month before me. It was all I could do not to scream "ME TOO". ;o)
I'm so hormonal. I guess. A girl I was "friendly" with in high school (heck, we went to preschool together) died last week in a horrible skiing accident. Her family has set up a really lovely site with photos, service info, and a guest book. I read all 8 pages of the guest book and now I can't hold it together. It just shouldn't happen. Parents shouldn't have to have funerals for their kids. This beautiful woman was at the prime of her life. Married, successful, happy.
Not to mention my stomach is still mad at me. I ate this morning but every time I stand up, turn around, climb into the van, I need a little prayer.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hilary's new diet plan. I should write a book.
8 am: Eat breakfast. Bagel or cereal, or something otherwise deemed "mild".
9 am: Think that *today* will be the day that you keep it down.
9:15 am: Lose breakfast
11 am: Eat about 14 mini-pretzels, say little prayer after each one.
12:30-2:00: Drink can of soda. Take sweet time.
3:00-4:30 pm: Drink second can of soda. Be careful.
6 pm: Eat something mild like 6 tbsp of mashed potatoes or bowl of cereal.
3 am: Wake with weird stomach noises and eat one square graham cracker. Another prayer is necessary.
Repeat for 12-14 weeks.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Well, today's better. I think maybe I had a bug, or just a really horrible day. Still some puke today, but not the death-warmed-over of yesterday. I can handle if it's like this for 5-7 weeks. Not that I wouldn't *love* it to end sooner.

Not to mention that we got a foot of snow, and the new van isn't 4wd. It's not horrible in the snow, but I fear the parking space I jammed myself into. I have to leave early so hopefully I can enlist help if need be.