Thursday, December 04, 2014

A few pictures for your Thursday viewing pleasure. First, the before (with a hint of the amazing view):

Then, this is what it would look like (sort of, free app + screen shot = not the best quality):

Lastly, the plan for the first phase, including the utility space, raised roof, new windows, and screen porch.

Friday, November 07, 2014

The bathroom.

So we want to have a “real” stair, rather than a ladder to the loft. I’ve got it planned out such that it’s a (pretty steep) straight run, leading to a landing, which is above the shower. The last step is to the side. So inside the bathroom, part of it is under the stair. I have a plan which involves building in a dog area, and despite pinterest and google image searches, no one has quite done what I’m going for. Since the dogs will only need the first 3’ or so, we’ll have some storage above. In a house this tiny, we need to eke out storage anywhere we can.

One thing that I love is the ikea lillangen line – they have a 10” deep sink with vanity cabinet below! Bonus, it's really great to look at.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Kids' room.

So here's the thing. The kids loft is going to be about 12'x13'. Tiny. The way it lays out, I can have 3 beds side by side, with the feet in the low slope. I'm thinking I will do all white bedding, with different color accents. The two boys can have the blue quilt, the girl the pink/red, and then maybe a green pillow, a blue pillow, and a red pillow, yes?

The beds themselves would actually just be slatted bases, with low legs added.

Ideally, I would have a little unit that's the headboard/storage - because we will roll up all of the bedding and mattresses and stick them in there, and it would seal up nicely, and vermin would stay away. This would be perfect, but they're $350 each. 

Oh did I mention we are on a strict budget? Well, we are. I've considered trying to find lateral files (yes, metal office furniture) on craigslist and painting them, but even that's not that cheap. Any ideas?

So I always have about 2409 projects in my head. I'm going to write about them here.

First of all, we own some property that has a "cabin" on it. This cabin is 12' x 16', with a tiny sleeping loft. The short term plan is that it's being put onto a slab - like this week! The second phase plan involves converting it into a kitchen and bathroom, where the kids would sleep upstairs, and we would sleep in the kitchen/living room. Shortly after we would raise the roof a bit, and add a screen/sleeping porch. Then in the next several years, add a larger "living" building (16x20 is the plan) with a bedroom and living room, and a wood stove.

Much of this planning is being done with sketchup and the ikea kitchen planner. Soon I will add in images.