Sunday, May 28, 2006

Highlights of the weekend:
  • Traffic with screaming kids
  • Vietnamese food with good pal
  • Breakfast at 9:30 still too early for nyc
  • Vomit all across the Judge Leonard suite
  • Ironing when all smells like vomit
  • Lovely wedding
  • Noisy boy-train at reception
  • Red wine all over new lime green sweater set
  • Four of us sacked out in king size bed by 10:15
  • Super-dark hotel curtains keeping kids asleep until 8 (must find some for Nino's room asap)
  • Trying to wash out vomity clothes/ironing them dry, unsuccessfully
  • Smiley cookies for breakfast
  • Boy eating lots of new things at Dim Sum
  • Wet car floor en route home
  • Beautiful new parkway route
  • Record time drive home, considering pee/boob/stretch stops en masse
  • Altogther very fun, lots of time spent with old friends, making me want more

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Um . .. . okay.

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Shh don't tell anyone. Aren't they cool?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So we're preparing for a weekend that involves a 6ish hour drive each direction. Including something I never said I'd have, a portable dvd player. Really, Nino isn't the one I'm worried about - if we just see a backhoe every ten miles or so, he's good.

I'm kind of insanely excited about sleeping elsewhere. I hope the travel on the long weekend isn't sheer hell.

I'm also really glad to be licensed, when I'm going to see so many archifriends. I'm 20 lb heavier with big lactating boobs but hey I have a stamp!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

"momma, what's god?"
"god is a big guy that made everything"
"what does god look like?"
"um . . ." (interrupted)
"does god have a dump truck?"
"is it yellow or orange or red?"
"all dump trucks are god's dump trucks."
"You know what god is, when you see a beautiful thing, like the sky or a butterfly, or you hear music you love. When you love something, that's god. God is that feeling."
"Momma! I see the blue sky!! Right there!!"

Monday, May 15, 2006

So it's been raining for like ever. Ark jokes abound. And rumor is, we're going to get some sewage from upstream. Thank god we have a case of poland springs. Helicopters overhead, we don't usually get that. I'll have to watch the news.

Mothers Day was nice, I got some nice things. I guess if you tell your husband what he's giving you, he comes through. Yes, he found a place that frames in a day, but he did it. We had everyone over for brunch, which my mom had catered, but for the meat and juice. Success.

And today schools were closed, which means skating was cancelled, which I had no idea about. So we showed up, and Nino was excited because we haven't done much of anything for days. So we went to the pool this afternoon, where he is now swimming with a bubble. I will get photos.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Thanks Corey. ;o)

Your Birthdate: June 17

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

So the girl was up all night again. However, I do feel the upper right big toothy, and can see the other 3 up top to make a steak-chewin' smile. And I think the yogurt did something to her tummy. Poor girl has poop issues now.

Speaking of poop, can I just say that changing your own child's diaper isn't gross. Changing some other kids makes me want to vomit. Still, a shower and hours later I feel diiirty.

I'm going to use this to share all the wonderful 3 year old questions that come my way. Yesterday "momma, is Santa Claus old?" yes "is he going to die?" no.

Had my first working meeting with real sketches today about The Houses. Very exciting, very good feedback. It's so cool to really be architecting how, where, when I want to be. I want to build one.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nino has been asleep for 2 1/2 hours. He must be growing. Thank god I bought all new clothes for him at the closing down lord and taylor. His legs are getting so long and skinny.

Thank god I have M thighs to pinch and bite. I've updated her pic above.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"momma, Molly's hair is round and looks like poop". I then had to explain dreadlocks to him.

Girly had her half-year checkup today. She's wonderful, beautiful, perfect, and has a gigantic head. To the point where they actually said "we'll just keep an eye on it".

Monday, May 01, 2006

Like grownups, we went to see Cake this weekend. We were all afraid we'd be the oldest by far and the soberest. Neither was true. It was super fun. They started with "the distance" and ended with "I will survive". Both got everyone in the mood for sure. I was bummed, they didn't play any of my top 3 - Opera Singer, Alpha Beta Parking Lot, or Let Me Go. However, I still had a blast. And when we went to pick up the kids at 11:30, Nino was still asleep. Little stinker. He had a mellow-sleep-filled day the next day.

He's finally getting into skating. The first session he was fearless and did great. Then he learned that he just might fall, and last time barely moved the entire time. Now he's realizing that even if he falls, no biggie, and is getting back into it. It's so funny that he's doing this skating thing, because neither of us is into it. God knows where the idea came from.

Oh ya! Want to hear about the bizarre dream I had? There was this epidemic going around and I was pregnant. So we decided that we were going to go to Maine and wait it out where we wouldn't see people and hopefully stay healthy. So I was begging my doc to give me a c-section right then so we could leave. I was full term. Well then Nino gets the disease. But the disease was zombie-ism, and transmitted through eye contact. My poor baby was sick and I couldn't look at him. Fortunately, my OB let me in that the docs (like all doctors were in cahoots) had nearly found the antidote, and Nino's case wasn't that bad.