Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well, the boy is 3 days into summer vacation. And it's been raining for approximately 40 days and 40 nights. I think it's a bad sign that God hasn't talked to me. Yet.

Also, the house is back on the market. It took like 3 weeks to get a showing request and we thought it was bad news. But now it's picking up and there's no place to move to. I'm not entirely sure what to do. Other than hope that the house is still clean enough from yesterday's showing for tomorrow's.

We saw UP today. It was a fun beginning of vacation event, I ate too much popcorn and cried a few times. I think my six year old saying "she died huh?" makes it even sadder. I hope that's not a spoiler, it's about 6 minutes in to the movie. We all liked it and it aided an early bedtime. Although when we got out at 4:30, the girl said "momma, it's another day!" The movies do that to even grownups.

Oh also, I had another ultrasound yesterday. At the hospital, where I went alone, so because of earlier dream, I was freaked out. All was fine, and now I get them once a month or so to check on growth, because my blood pressure is mad. Which it always is. Especially with two kids and a house on the market. This will be the first time it's medicated, actually. I get to take something, starting tomorrow. Let's just hope it doesn't mess with my vbac plans. The doctor said it might, but I'm fortunate that I have a history of naturally punctually going into labor. Even the time I didn't need to and was really hoping for a few more days of sleep and had a nice appointment already lined up . . . but the girl has been like that. ;o)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Let me tell you about my life lately.

Thursday night I was putting the girl to bed and my ear was a little sore. An hour later, I thought I would be better off just amputating it, myself. I didn't sleep more than 45 minutes the entire night. I called the oncall doctor at 7:30 am, and no one ever called me back. The whole thing was so weird - the office opens at 9, so that's when they get their messages. You know, I could have called at 9 to get an appointment. They couldn't see me until 11:45. The thing is, after all was said and done, it would have been worth it to go to the ER at midnight, spend the $100 and possibly get some rest like 12 hours sooner. Actually more like 18 hours sooner, because even though I got antibiotics, they don't kick in immediately, and I didn't really get any relief until 10 pm that night when my eardrum burst.

But back to earlier, at the doctor, my blood pressure was sky-high. I wonder how *your* blood pressure would be if you hadn't slept and had been in pain for 15 hours straight? But they wanted me to call the ob. So this morning I went in, and it's better, but not super. I do have this issue while pregnant, it's how I grow babies. Generally they do the watch and wait tactic until I give birth. And I pretend that I'm going to rest more and eat less salt. So they want me to do a 24 hour urine collection, and I get another ultrasound next week. But we're otherwise cool, I guess.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ack, it's been a long time.

The boy has been bringing home the year's worth of work these last few days. It makes me burst to see the "writing journal" from the year. Mostly they are things like "the __ lives in the __": draw a picture and write the sentence. But just to compare September to May is amazing. His spelling is great, and being able to read what he wrote, putting together sentences, and just the humor factor. Many of his fantasies involve rappelling with helicopters. He always has a very elaborate plan.

Although I think in terms of neatness, he peaked around January. He was finally good at upper vs. lower case. Now he's just so comfortable with it that it's sloppy again.

I have to figure out a schedule for the summer. We really need to be good about reading and writing every day, even if just for an hour.

We've all been passing around a summer cold here. I think we're mostly on the recovery side. I'm a little worried that the boys are later and haven't been hit as hard - I hope that doesn't mean theirs is still forthcoming.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I had a very unsettling dream last night. I was at the hospital because I was bleeding, and no one was taking care of me. They were sort of lining people up (husband, "my" doctor, etc) because they knew it was bad news. But they hadn't done anything yet. I hate those dreams.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So at some point over the weekend, we were weeding and I guess I yanked some poison ivy and then touched my face. So now I have a lovely red splotchy complexion going on. I called the doctor and get to go in this afternoon since it's all around my eyes. She's going to flip when she sees my belly.

Also, it reminded me why I hate my doctor and need a new one. Not only is her bedside manner totally sucky (and that hasn't even been demonstrated today), but I called at 9:05 this morning (they open at 9) and got the answering service. At 9:10 when I called back I got the triage nurse's answering machine. I got a call back after 10. And an appointment at 2:15. My eyes are going to fall out or something! Not even any reassurance. Ugh.

Also, I'm freaking out about moving. If we move, it's going to suck. Any way. Even if we get a zillion dollars for our house and find the perfect situation, moving sucks. But in all likelihood, we'll have to scramble to find a decent place, and then will we move again in 3 years? Will we find a great spot with a dumpy house? No house? I'd love to build but then where will we live? Right now there are less than 1 decent options we've found. Where are all the great deals on foreclosures and estates and stuff?

Also, did you know there are real estate listings on ebay now?