Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I made a mistake recently. I started lurking on a due date club and then started posting. And you see, I've spent some time on the interwebz and I know that I am pretty stuck in my ways. And I also know that these clubs are way more traditional than I. Lots of "of course I'm getting a (sic) epidural" or "if it's a boy he'll be Jayden because it's so original" but still I go there. And as it always does, the topic of circumcision comes up. When your arguments are "I have been with uncirc'ed men and ewww!" you lose all credibility to me. Also, uncircumcised is like saying unamputated arm. You have to remove your arm, else it's just the way you come. Not that I think it compares with amputation, just that it's such a double negative it makes me cringe.

So I (in a definitely self-conscious and definitely deliberately inflammatory way) said "I am not interested in cosmetic surgery for my newborn" and got all "why be judgemental!!" (again, sic, these people need spelling lessonz). But "uncirced is eww" is not judgmental?

So I need a breather and to talk to people who have left the midwest, ever. Oh that was so totally judgmental. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This daughter of mine cracks me up. I think three is the apex of "make you die laughing" behavior. She says things like "mom I want you to make me a white dress with a white thing for my head for married". Or wants to play with brother's remote control tarantula but it scares her, so the whole time she's willing it not to walk toward her, because she doesn't really get the controls. Or saying "I'm tired", then leaning her head on a kitchen chair and falling asleep. Standing up. At 6:15 pm. Or wearing a crown, necklace, ring, sparkly cape, and sparkly shoes, 24/7.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I had a checkup yesterday. We were late. Which was good, because we *still* had to wait 45 minutes. The rest of my appointments for the rest of time will be in the morning. I forgot the whole afternoon snowball effect. So then my BP was up. They took it about nineteen times and it was still 140/92 or something crazy. This is me in pregnancy. The rest of the time I'm cool as a cucumber. I don't know. Maybe the 45 minute wait with the boy and his K-9 unit GIJoe, who had to blow up lots of things and the dog barking, added a teeny bit of stress. I don't know.

Things otherwise are fine. We got to hear the heartbeat with the regular doppler which was fun. The boy liked that muchly.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

When I was 13, I was skiing with a friend and hit a tree. I had a concussion, broken nose, all sorts of things. I missed several weeks of school that year. I guess it's that combined with pregnancy hormones that has me a weepy mess over Natasha Richardson. That one photo that keeps popping up of her with her sons - that's the one that does me in. How often do you see 13 year old boys smiling with their mom, anyway? And now they lost her. :(

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of course, just as the husband is getting excited about properties all over the region, I am making new friends. Every Monday morning I go to a playgroup, which has always been more "regular" moms than me. I don't know what that means, but I never feel like I quite fit in. But this semester, there are like 6 new moms and it's a blast. I actually look forward to getting out the door Monday mornings and visiting with my pals, and we basically neglect our kids while we chitchat. Yesterday I learned that one new friend is due like a day after me, and she's moving to a house about 11 houses down from me. I don't want to move. Don't wanna!!

Today I feel exactly like I'm hung over. I'm guessing it's a migraine? I think I'm going to climb into bed.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

So today we drove to check out a piece of property. The one we all totally fell in love with, sold. In like 3 weeks. Why we could not have that karma selling our own house, I do not know. We would have lived there in a heartbeat, happily, until our dying days. I'm quite certain.

Anyway, so driving up to this other house, which is a really cute house in the one photo, and the price is really, really right, and the last/only store, 6.1 miles away, is super walmart. So as we're driving there, I'm praying there's somewhere else to shop. Or even somewhere a bit further than walmart. But no.

The end result is, the town it's in is cute. The property is that price for a reason. A "no thank you" reason.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Apparently I do too much blog reading. Last night in my dream, I was at the pioneer woman's ranch, making cake balls. I was making a mess. Also, once I really *did* make the cake balls, and they're much too sweet for me and mine, so I wouldn't actually be making them. Maybe if I was at the ranch, I'd do whatever was asked of me.

Also, at the other end of the island, TPW was making dinner, which was chicken and lots and lots of shredded cheese. It's all good.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inspired by Cheri, here is my life by the numbers.

10. Tulip bulbs planted in our yard last fall. Soon we shall know our success rate.
9. Weeks until I'm halfway through this pregnancy. And will know gender!
8. How many times Mary Poppins has been watched this week. We have to return it soon. And buy our own copy.
7. Number of months until I meet number 3!
6. Approximate number of hours I slept last night.
5. Junk food items bought at ill-timed midday lunch trip.
4. Number of females in the summer house situation, as opposed to my son's 1 male.
3. Pots of tomato seeds on the windowsill. They actually have half grape tomatoes in them. I'm not sure how that will work out.
2. Time at which little girl came into bed last night. Yawn.
1. Still, the number of operational side view mirrors on my car. Not.happy.
I'm really, really motivating to get to the noon spin class today. I have to drink my (decaf of course) coffee early so that it can be out of the system by then. I haven't been in about two months and it shows. I plan to just ease back in and not push too hard, but I really need to exercise.

A little freaked out today because a vbac board I lurk on, a lady went in to the hospital with some strange pains, as well as contractions, and came home having to plan a funeral for her baby. When she said "bad outcome", I was expecting a c-section after all her planning. I don't even know this lady, not even know in an internet way, but it's rocking my world.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The big boy has a pal at school. His Best Friend. This is really the first friend that he's chosen - I don't really know his mom, he doesn't live withing walking distance, they just are pals. And poor boy, his Best Friend is moving. To Austria. Try as I might to make the best of things (pen pal! we will write letters and learn all about Austria!), his buddy is still going to be thousands of miles away, and we're probably NEVER going to see him again. It makes us both rather sad.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Last week I smashed the mirror off my car. I went to the dealer. They needed to order it. So they checked all the numbers, asked me if it was motorized (yes) and ordered. They called and today! I went to have it replaced. $175 for the part, $90 for the labor, was the quoted price.

I wait for 2 hours. And then another half an hour for good measure. And then! Steve from service comes in! And they have the wrong part! But I can order the right one, for $530, and then pay $145 to install it. And for your time and effort and *our* screwup, you get to wait in our room with chatty old ladies and crappy coffee for 2.5 hours. You're welcome!

I came home and did what I should have last week - called the VW mechanic we know. Sigh.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Again with the food. I've realized that although I get hungry (and the resultant psycho) really quickly, I'm craving halfway decent things and am really appreciative. Like right now, my belly full of steak salad wrap and oven fries, I'm just happy with it. I've really been into somewhat junky salads. Last weekend I needed, NEEDED, a buffalo chicken salad. I know it's not the most healthiest salad ever, but greens are still greens, and in the first trimester you can't really complain. I think by this point with the girly, I'd had about 3 dozen bagels and a gallon of cream cheese, and that's it.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


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We got to see the bub today! Fast heartrate of 170ish. Both of my kids were under 150 at this point, so I don't buy any of the wives tales. There was a little confusion about when I should pee and where, so I peed at the wrong time in the wrong place, having waited uncomfortably for no reason to. Oh well. Such is life at the ob office.

Monday, March 02, 2009

For five weeks I have been waiting for this date. March 2, it always seemed so far away!! But today, today I will get a peek of the baby and get to talk to the doctor about vbac and life will all be good!!

Did I mention that at 8 pm last night they called and cancelled? And now we have about 9" of snow and it's not stopping any time soon? Ugh.