Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On Saturday I had a baby. His name is Dante Antonio and he's perfect. I had a c-section despite our efforts otherwise, but it all went smoothly.

A few interesting things.

The first mom of the 3 in our childbirth class had her baby recently, and she was going to have a homebirth. She ended up in a hospital she hardly knew, and had a c-section. Her baby had a double wrapped cord on her neck which prevented her coming down enough, and this is one of those cases. If they hadn't made the call, I'm sure they're all terrified thinking about that situation.

The reason I know all of this is because the teacher came to visit yesterday. She feels sort of bad - we're 0/2 on the c section front, and the other couple is a vbac couple as well. May they get their perfect birth. They were really worked up about their first c-section and I would love it if this one kind of atones for that.

The reason the teacher visited is because she was working with a doula client, and they were supposed to deliver at a hospital about 45 minutes away. But the baby was practically crowning and here we're about 5 minutes away. She delivered within 10 minutes of walking in the door. It was her fifth, I guess that's why you hear about the farmer ladies dropping babies in the fields.

Also, I found this a little strange. I have two brothers in law who live locally. Not a word of congratulations to myself or my husband or visits or anything. He called his twin because it's so weird, just to make sure he'd heard the good word, and it was "oh ya congratulations I guess". Not really, but that's the attitude we heard. Is that strange or what? Poor third kid.

We're going home today, a day early. I can no longer handle these 4 walls, these uncomfortable beds and chairs, and I miss my big kids. They come to visit pretty often but it's boring here and we expect them to behave and I just want to veg out and cuddle with them.

Monday, September 21, 2009

So I'm just over 37 weeks along and I've never been so ready to birth. It's not even that I feel bad (although last weekend I felt awful, I think it was a stomach bug or something), but that I have to go in 2-3 times a week for non stress tests and ultrasounds and I spend about 8 hours a week being monitored. It's draining, and then to be resting on top of that, I'm always on my bum but it's still exhausting. Mentally I guess. So I've been doing things like making eggplant parmesan and taking evening primrose oil.

I have been really impressed with my doctors though, even the one who I was afraid would be on call when I go into labor. People toss around the delivery thing but when I go to the birth center to be monitored, they just send me home. I'm hoping that every day I become more inducable, because I think that saying "deliver" at this point still means a c-section. So we shall see. 

And no, we don't have a name chosen yet. 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well, that's a first. An online friend died of cancer tonight. She leaves a 4 year old daughter and two year old son. She was a real gem. We had this connection as she worked with (and goofed about, and I knew *exactly* what she meant) residential architects. I miss you already, Vaike.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Oh I am such a super slacker. Let's see what goes on here.

Only about 3 1/2 weeks left until we are a family of five. No, we haven't chosen his name, and since some events this weekend (OH NO I HATE THAT NAME) we're not discussing it any more. Also, we'll probably choose the name that YOU HATE mostly because you're such a twat about it. Okay, not really. Plans for a vbac are still on, still good. I feel great, even though my blood pressure is still creeping up. No one is mentioning taking him early though so I'm good. I am, however, prepared. My bag is packed, the changing table stocked, and I'm about to wash the cosleeper linens.

The boy started first grade. The transition wasn't quite like kindergarten, but he still shed a few tears. Today we visited him at lunch and that was happy, but he got a mite sad when we had to go.

Speaking of which, the reason we were there was because the babygirl is starting preschool. Tomorrow is a "real" day with getting up early and all, but today we just filled out forms and met the teachers and all. She is very super excited. She charmed all of the teachers and checked out most of the room. She can't wait to meet Rocco (Wocko!) tomorrow, whom she knows nothing about other than he has a brother with the same name as hers. 

I am rather glad that I will have a few mornings to myself before the baby thing begins. Hopefully more than a few.

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about my twice weekly appointments, and how lucky I am to have great healthcare. The very next day, my daughter put a bead in her nose. And it really hit home. I was able to go to the pediatrician and a specialist, that very day, and only pay my regular copay. Also, the bead was never heard from again, but she's fine. Gotta love it.