Wednesday, September 29, 2004

One of the tropical storms has turned into a nor'easter up here. It's been raining for 2 days. I'd love to see the sun. Hopefully this evening I can get out to the garden for a bit of a harvest for the ILs or whoever wants them.

I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow. I can't wait to see baby S. It's been 5 weeks since I've seen her, and when you're 2 months old, that's a lot.

Crap. Thunderstorms.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

It's the mundane things that take up my entire day. I'm on hold right now with a stroller manufacturer, as we inherited a stroller without a sun shade. I'm hoping I can get a replacement before the trip. I hope they can send it to the hotel. I'm not sure which one we're staying at, however. That's a whole different story. We were all good to go to stay at "Old Key West". Fine, I don't really care. But my mom really wanted to stay at "The Boardwalk". Now, because of hurricane craziness, many people are cancelling. So we may be able to switch to mom's top choice. It really really doesn't matter to me, but I want to stay somewhere with a wading pool and I don't want to move halfway. No biggie, right? I hope that's how it stays.

Thank heavens. Combi is sending a new sunshade, 2 new baskets, express shipping, for the cost of regular shipping and one of each. Still, $28 for accessories that are in SIL's attic is annoying, but the stroller itself was free so I can't complain.

I am having a helluva time working today. I still have one more day of work before vacation. This is bad!!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Another beautiful day. Just went to a meeting with a structural engineer who always makes us feel stupid. A good reality check mid-day. In case you were getting too confident. "Why would you do that?" seems to be the mantra. So many people just don't understand architects.
My mom cancelled out child care this morning. I love that Nino is with Meme one day a week but I have to say, she's not the most reliable. Taking care of my sister throws a huge wrench in it all. Luckily Sue-sue is able to take him, and since she won't have him Thursday, it's an even trade. I'm very lucky to have the childcare I have. He's the only child everywhere he is. Then he plays with the "kids" at the gym for his socialization fix.
Well, my priority is now getting the house in order, laundry done, all packed up before vacation. I wish I had another weekend day to prepare, but that's not happening, so I have to work with what I've got. After our talk this weekend, I realize that our vacation has to be about us relaxing. We don't have to go to a park every day, or spend the whole day with the entire fam damily. In fact, we should set up some ground rules - we'll have dinner with you if nothing else. I know that hubby won't be happy operating at anyone else's speed but his own. And really, we'll be just as happy seeing the family for a few key times, it'll still feel like we're vacationing together.
Meanwhile, I have to figure out how to pack lightly, while still bringing all that a toddler needs. It's all about mix and match outfits.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Today we went to the fair with Rachel and Kate and families. It was very nice although its a looong ride out there - about two hours. Hubby has pretty much told me he's never going again. And he was constantly on the move, which made it hard to stay with 6 other people.

Nino loved the animals. All of them. The cows he touched, the sheep, the baby chicks, the goats, the dogs, the pigs. And of course the tractors, and the food (especially strawberry shortcake).

And of course on the way home he was telling me all the reasons he shouldn't have gone, and how next year we're going somewhere closer. Which is fine but I got it the first time and now I just feel bad for dragging you out there.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

This morning was Lily's third birthday party. They have such a perfect yard for it. Nino rode the rent-a-pony, and loved the bunnies, chickens, and ducks that accompanied. His favorite was, of course, the dirt pile. He wanted a minimum of 2 trucks at any time, which wasn't good when others wanted to play too. He wanted no part of the pigs in blankets, so guess who got to eat them? Ugh. No wonder I'm fat. He did, however, love the cupcakes and popcorn cake.

Meanwhile, he is now in mega-nap mode. He's been asleep near 2 hours, on the floor (sleeping bag, don't worry). He is so damn cute. He sweats when he sleeps and his head smells like boy-sweat. The snaps on his overall-shorts come undone every time he squats, so he's sweaty and undone and still a bit dirty from this morning and he's perfect. Kitties are asleep on the couch and I get a few minutes to myself. Laundry is done and my outfit for tomorrow is ready.

We're headed on vacation Thursday. We had a big overnight fight as hubby said he "couldn't go". He's known for months and had a meeting that same day. Rather than try to reschedule his plane ticket, he was going to stay home. Because Disney World will be sooooo much fun by myself with a 2 year old. I thought he was looking for an excuse, as he's not thrilled about spending 5 days with my mom and sister who "treat him like crap". Yes, they do, but you've been known to respond in kind. Meanwhile, he thinks that I think his job is easy and his working ridiculous hours is by choice. Why is it that it takes a huge blowout fight 3 times a year to make our relationship stronger? If we could just communicate better in between, it wouldn't happen. I love him so much and only want to be with him, so this came as such a huge blow.

Not to mention that people say stupid stuff when fighting and he said some hateful things. I wish it could be undone and he said he didn't mean it but I always feel like you do mean it, sort of, in order for it to be in there. He didn't even remember and when I repeated to him, word for word, he looked sad and embarassed. Then it was my turn to feel bad. Now we're in the fight honeymoon stage. It'll be fine, he'll make do with a laptop and pricey hotel internet, and we are staying in a different villa from my parents.

Friday, September 24, 2004

He has this toy where he stacks up blocks, pushes down a fake TNT thing that knocks them over. It didn't take long before Noah's animals are on the blasting platform.
We have a neighborhood playgroup on Friday mornings. About a dozen kids, it's utter madness. Nino really likes it but by the end is in dire need of personal space and turns into a screecher. I have no idea what that is about. Probably the fact that I'm talking with the other moms and eating all of the rice krispy treats.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

We just had such a lovely night. Earlier this summer we got this little pop up screen room, so I went and bought some bread and cheese and tomatoes and olives, packed it up with some beers and a decadent chocolate bar, and we sat under the stars and bright moon on the beach. Nino was very fun other than throwing sand all over us, it was beautiful early fall kinda cold, we were all bundled up and under blankets, and heard the water. I should eat like that more often. Stuffed after 1/3 baguette, 1/2 ball mozzarella, olives and tomatoes.
I'm going to ramble about my son now. He's a beautiful boy, 21 months old, the second love of my life. Born on Christmas Eve 2002. I was due Christmas day, and as he is my first, I fully expected to be late and not have to worry about the birthday/holiday fiasco that will happen when he is 9. Now I do have to worry. Hopefully in a few years we'll begin having half-birthday parties for him, a big summer outdoor event that is certainly *not* Christmasey. This year he likely won't notice, and the year he was born I was an emotional wreck who cried at carols about baby boys as special gifts. Actually, I'm sure those songs will always get me.
I thought I wanted a daughter. Funny how that is. I wanted a girl to bond with, to dress in pink and talk boys with. And I still do want a daughter, but I can't imagine life without a son now. I do have moments of panic - I could now become the mom of 4 boys. All those boys. "Here come the I boys" they'd say. And I wouldn't mind being a mom to all girls, but the fear of not having a daughter exists. But when I imagine having four boys like Nino, its not so bad. He's perfect. Sure, he's almost 2 and acts that way, but he's himself. I wouldn't want him any other way.
We call him Nino sometimes. It's the traditional Italian nickname for his name. It's pronounced nee-noh, although I do think it appropriate that it is spelled the same as a storm system. His favorite words include "bang" and "dump".
We think he's a genius. It's probably that I have never watched so closely the development of a person. He learns so much every day. He repeats words and figures out what they mean. He identifies colors and groups like objects. He gives the most wonderful hugs and kisses. He holds out his injured finger for a kiss, and kisses me when I kiss it. He wants to wear a hat in the sun. He wants his shoes to be tied and tries so hard to tie them. He eats tomatoes and raw onions and peppers and cheese and pickles.
He is a real person. I can't imagine celebrating my anniversary without him, so we're all going to picnic on the beach.
Here he is the day we came home:

What he's grown into:

Four years ago today . . .

We became a family. It was a day much like today, warm and sunny. It got cloudier as the day went on, and by the time we drove to the hotel it was raining. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, so we had the benefit of good weather for an outdoor wedding and the luck. It seems to be working.
Being married doesn't seem like it should "mean" anything, but somehow it's one of the most amazing things that's happened to me. It's tied with Nino's birthday as the single greatest day ever. An entire day dedicated to committing ourselves to one another. Great friends, great food, great fun. It was so wonderful to have a big outdoor party, with children everywhere, family travelling to see us. Our top priorities were spending time together, and sitting down for dinner as a married couple at our own table was wonderful. I loved that it continued on for hours, and friends all came to our house afterward. Somehow it was the perfect balance of really bonding with each other, while enjoying the company of those who celebrated with us.
The next day, after a frenzy of opening gifts and cards, we left for Iceland. Simply amazing. Go if you get the chance. Bring sweaters and bathing suits and be prepared to use them both, outdoors, on the same day trip.

Planning ahead did *not* pay off.

There are two bridges I can take to work. Both drawbridges. The more convenient one, they've been working on this week. This morning, I planned ahead, went the alternate route and what happened? A sailboat. I was the third car back as the bridge yawned open. I watched the clock tick right on by 9 am. I can *see* my office from this bridge. Rrrg.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Stupid boy dog

The dog just charged into the kitchen where the kittens are. I'm fairly certain he would have eaten one or both of them. Luckily my yelling at him made him stop and I was able to corral him. All I saw were two streaks, one white and one black, across the kitchen. And I'm fairly sure it sent some sort of lethal gas out of them, if not hidden poop. I can't find anything but the place where they had been sitting smells like death.


Last winter Life cereal gave away MLB bobbleheads in cereal boxes. Perfect choking hazard size. And of course, Nino's favorite toys. Mike Piazza and/or Ken Griffey Jr. Not even any Red Sox.

Seriously now

I need to lose like 40 pounds. It is so hard I can't believe it. I've been actively working on it for about a year and a half and have gained about 10. You know if I wanted to stay the same I know how to do that. I can either stay the same on salads and cottage cheese or hershey kisses. And in all honesty I'd prefer the chocolate. I have spent thousands of dollars on a personal trainer and look a tish better but seriously. I want to enjoy exercise. I want to go for a jog with my hubby. I want to hike a mountain and feel great.
I pay for the gym if I go or not. And Nino loves the "kids" there. My new resolution is cardio and lots of it. 30 minutes 4 times a week. I've also already paid for weight watchers online so might as well use it.
I lost 35 lb in pre paration for my wedding 4 years ago on WW. I was happy and it seemed easy. I'm old and post birth now I guess. I can no longer survive on yogurt and cereal. Or I can but it doesn't work.

Hurt feelings

Feel so much better after working out. I guess 6 days of slug-ness made me hypersensitive and a few iffy emails brought me down. Silly me. 30 minutes on an elliptical trainer with a parenting magazine and life is good.

First day of fall

Background: I'm 29, married for four years tomorrow to lovie #1, and mom since December 2002 to lovie #2. DH fancies us colonial house pioneer types and we have lots going on at our 2 acre plantation - 2 dogs, 2 cats, fruits and veggies, shed, tractor, water frontage with snapping turtles. It's going to be a fun place to raise kids, if he doesn't convince me to move even further from civilization.

This weekend I'm meeting Rach at the fair. I'm almost too excited. It's like high school. I'm fat, I have a zit, I'm having a bad hair day, I'm not that cool in real life. I know that she likes me for my boobs though and those are sure not to disappoint. I'm sure Nino will help demonstrate their functionality.

Next weekend, just over a week away, we are going to the House of Mouse. That's right ladies and gents Nino is going to Disneyworld. I'm so excited to take him to see the animals, not to mention the characters. Travelling with him is not too hard, but the nature of travelling with a toddler is. He loves being at the airport but not so much the sitting still part. We're going with Meme and Papa, and Auntie A. Auntie W and her family (including 2 month old miss S) will meet us there. I'm excited just to have a villa and someone else to make the beds.

Must exercise some day.

Cats and Nino love the box from the new truck toy. Cats both climb in. Rather cute. Nino looks at the pictures of the other trucks in the series. Not even 2 and prey to commercialism. "momma dump truck!"
tonight I made MIL's recipe for apple pan dowdy. it is very yummy and I can pretend I'm having healthful fruit. it is good with a glass of milk.
had an odd dream about the gym. subliminal guilt that I haven't been in days. I was in a bathing suit and a fit employee made me cover up because I have "too much back fat".

Monday, September 20, 2004

Yellow armbands

I am now chic. 10 LiveStrong armbands are now my property. Nino loves them. He then takes the yellow ring from his stacking toy and wears it as well. He's a bloody genius.