Thursday, December 29, 2005

Last night we made Nino's day. We took the train (two stops and 11 minutes) to dinner in Ipswich. Wonderful greek food, took the train back home. He was telling our waiter, the host, the water girl, everyone about the train. I love doing things for him that he loves.

This weekend, we saw the seals at the beach. It's sort of an "around Christmas" tradition. They winter in the (relatively) warm water nearby. Maybe not the best time to see them is the morning after you watch "March of the Penguins", but we still saw them as cute. Very fun and frolicking. It was raining, but Nino still wanted to be in the sand with his trucks.

And the little girl is so happy. I love that now she can be awake and fun and not just wanting boob or diaper or rocking. Although she still wants that a lot.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New babies are the best, aren't they? Her first and my older son are just a week apart, and she just had a daughter last night. I'm over the moon for them. Welcome to the world, Anna Jane!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The girl is up to 11.5 lb on momma milk alone. So happy. She got four shots yesterday though, poor bub. She was mad or sleeping all day. I'm not ready for her to get whooping cough though so there we go.

Tomorrow we have two birthday parties for the big boy. Hard to believe he'll be three Saturday. We've got our playgroup with cupcakes in the morning, and dinner and orange cake in the evening with family. It's not too late to be deciding on a menu tomorrow right?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm loving this. I think Massi will get it since she'll hardly get any new toys of her own.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Pretty sure I'm done shopping. I bought some stuff online, but one of them says I'll have it by the 3rd of January. I sure hope it's like a week sooner. More than that. Sigh.

Nino has an imaginary friend, JoJo. I love it. We do lots of things for JoJo. The hardest is opening the door to let him in in a blizzard, but I'd want to be let in too.

And the downstairs is done. Every room now just has one single purpose. We can now watch movies at night and not wake the boy. I'm beyond excited.

Monday, December 12, 2005

New favorite mall. This from not a mall person. Said mall has a) fewer stores b) good santa (too late for us this year) with no line c) indoor toddler play area that rules, is clean, and free and d) torrid. I didn't get to enjoy that last as children were melting down before my eyes, but I had no idea. And close. If we move, it will certainly be the closest mall.

I'm so in denial about christmas. I've bought like 30% of my gifts, if that. I'm hoping I can do a lot more online. What does one get for a fifteen year old boy anyway?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I'm dying here. So Nino has the fisher price little people nativity.

And he is playing with baby Jesus, Married, and all of his other little people (the tow truck driver, the construction worker) as well as them. Apparently the wise men need help getting their gifts to the baby Jesus, and the animals don't feel like walking, etc. It's hysterical.

I'm also totally bummed since I ordered some stuff on November 28 that's not here yet, and probably won't be before Ethan's birthday on Saturday. Darn super saver shipping.

At least I'm still really excited about the photo session with the 3 cousins. Cute sweaters, coupon, good frames. Can't go wrong.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Today we saw Santa. Overall it was good, although Santa was feeding his reindeer when we arrived, so we had to blow some time. Lunch, a carousel ride, and jcrew later, we saw him. Girl wasn't at all fazed by being held by strange bearded man. Thank you, daddy, for getting her used to facial hair.

On the way home I call my mom and say "now I've started shopping". She says "started?!" A. It's the FOURTH not the TWENTY FOURTH and B. I have an infant and toddler. She's lucky I didn't do online with overnight delivery.

Good weekend. We went to the Santa parade, went to the local toy store where Nino found the yellow truck that he has repeatedly asked Santa for (thank god it's close and cheap), and saw the UNH ladies beat UMass's. Super fun, going with Ethan and his Momma to see his Mommy coach. G still calls her Ethan's daddy.

Anyway, here we are.

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