Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Last night we had a few "small in this universe" moments. We took dinner out to the beach and folded the van seats down. There were sand drifts, just like snow drifts, all over the roads and parking lots. 6-18" drifts in parking spaces. We're talking a ways from the ocean too. And we hopped out for a second and got pummeled by the rain, sand, salty air. It was wild.

Then on the way home, in the Evil Empire Walmart, lost power. It was *dark* for a few seconds, before the emergency lighting came up. Scary place to be, as that place ups my blood pressure anyway. I was ready to ditch but we needed our ivy plugs.
It was a nor'easter, we had twigs and branches all over the yard. So then hubby decides that Nino should sleep with us. Which was fine until I had about 6" of bed space. And I'm the pregnant one. So I scooped up the boy and back in his crib he went. And last night they were both sleep-talkers. No wonder I'm pooped.
And on a *very* exciting note, it seems John's Ted will be home Saturday. I'm so excited for them. Although he'll be taking time off at work so I'll be picking up some . . .

Monday, May 23, 2005

Friday was a lot of fun. Portsmouth Children's Museum was a perfect place for a 2 year old playdate. Nino loved dressing up like a lobsterman. The only bummer is, I set the camera up to download and then deleted. The download didn't work. :o(
Then we went for fish with Martha and Josh. Really fun. Nino loved fried haddock. He ate *tons* of it. It was good to see them, just hang out, chitchat, eat ice cream.

Saturday was Kristine's wedding. We got lost and entirely missed the ceremony. Everyone was beautiful, beautiful location, kind of yucky weather, but fortunately it didn't matter. Got to see some people I haven't seen since college. Nice trip back, Nino had fun with the grandfolks.
Yesterday church - only two more sundays left with Roger. And then Nino took a good nap. And I'm trying to get on a study schedule.

We also had a bit of a name chitchat, and although Leila has been added to the list, it seems Eleanora is the current frontrunner for a girl. Which I'm thrilled about. It's my fave on the list, and although it's not hubby's fave, he likes it best with the last name. Woohoo!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I had this very vivid dream last night where we bought a new house. It was a 50 year old cape on the most amazing site. Several acres of meadow, with lots of old stone walls and things in it. The house was a nice, generous, rambling place, with tons of space. But it hadn't been lived in in several years, so it was incredibly dirty. I remember being so excited that all it needed was a good wash. Also, in the dream, I was hugely pregnant with a girl, but had two boys - about 5 and 2. Nino must have been the other one, and the little one was definitely a brother - just a bit different in looks. Maybe my body already knows my child forecast?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Well, my appointment to find out the girl or boyness of this bub was supposed to be tomorrow. But they rescheduled me for *three weeks* further away. Ugh. At least by then things should be crystal-clear.

My appointment friday was fun, Nino and hubby were there, and he wanted to "hear mommas baby" and don't think he understood that's what it was.

And we had lots of nap issues. Lots. Why this child won't sleep for me is beyond me. He gets irritable at 2 pm and if he doesn't sleep, he's irritable for the rest of the day. Occasionally I can get him to sleep and our day is so much better. Infinitely better. Su-sue can usually get him to sleep. Makes me feel second-rate.

Monday, May 09, 2005

"momma, is any poop coming out of my hole?"

Is that the funniest thing you've heard in ages?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I go back and forth daily on the gender thing. May 17 can not come soon enough.
I'd love a girl. I kind of have my heart set on a girl. Our perfect little family. And Nino is so insistent that he's having a sister, sometimes I forget that we don't actually know. I want a girl to put pigtails on and dress in purple tutus. I want a daughter.
But then again, my son is perfection. If I could have him ten times over, I would. I have loved every second with his blue clad tractor loving self.
Which brings me to the other concern. How will I ever have a child this perfect again? How will I have enough time, energy, love for the new baby and my son? How can he lose his status as my one and only?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Funny things the boy now does or says:

"I see" or even funnier "mm. I see"
"sort of" like in "that sort of look like daddy car"
"really bad" as in "I haffa go potty really bad"

He cracks me up to no end.
I'm hungry. Always hungry. Better than a few weeks back.

And today I called the midwife to see if I can get my ultrasound scheduled, and they're taking me in two weeks from today! Wow!