Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm really quite a slacker. But you should know, it's a testament to the fun summer we're having. It really only started about 3 weeks ago, what with the fourth of july and all. But the girl had her dance camp, we bought the state park pass, it started to (finally) get hot, and we started doing regular fun summer stuff. 

Also, I'm sort of a glutton for punishment. This one expecting club that I can't peel myself away from (and I should, because it's not vbulletin or similar, it's an impossible to read format) is discussing c-sections. And I know that every mom wants to think they made the right choice, and I know that your doctor told you you HAD to have one, but I still think there are too many out there. And I frickin had one! But seriously, I have a reason to think that a vbac is the best choice for me, and you know, I'm not knocking your decision to already schedule your october birth, so don't knock me mine.

Mothers can be so judgmental.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So let me tell you a story. We have this childbirth class which started last night, from 7:30-9. Now, in our household, particularly in the summer, going to bed after 9 is not unheard of, at.all. So I'm looking for childcare for said class, and ask my mother in law. I said we could just drop them off and pick them up, etc. She says "oh no, that's after bedtime, I'll come there". Okay, so no. Firstly, I'm not putting them to bed at 7, in the summer (heck that's 20 minutes from now, and we haven't even eaten yet, but I digress), or letting you put them to bed. It's complicated for us and I just don't want to give you fodder. But that was the only option I really had, so I figured I would do lots of tiring activities and at least try to get the girl to bed that early (a long car ride oftentimes does the trick).

My sister in law, the other option, is spending her summer at her lake cottage. But I called her to find out when we could come visit and yay! She's at home, until Wednesday. And is dying to see the kids, and they her. And sure! They can hang out during that time, and heck, why don't you drop them off at 5 so that we can play outside and we'll give them hotdogs and watch Lady and the Tramp. And for once, it all worked out. Called mother in law, said thanks but no thanks, and the kids had a frickin blast. Oh and they weren't asleep at 9:45 when we picked them up, but they were vegetative in front of some movie, and fell asleep in their carseats, which I am 100% okay with.

I actually had been stressing about this and instead got to have dinner with just my husband, before rolling around on the floor doing labor techniques. Also, the class was great. Not too hippy-dippy, but lovely and supportive of natural birthing. The other couple there are both chiropractors, and she's due 3 weeks after me. And huger. Or at least I thought so, but when I mentioned how huge she was to my husband, he went "oh . . . ya, I guess so". I think I'm bigger than I care to admit. The heartburn speaks otherwise. My poor GI tract. I can no longer have pizza or anything tomato saucey. Bummer. I like that chicken parm stuff.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Two fabulous new recipes. I made cheese straws, but put about half cheddar and half asiago. And instead of red pepper, used a sea salt and herbs de province blend. Not a spicy fan and when cooking for a crowd, you never know. They were aweresome.

Also made hot artichoke and olive dip, pretty well exactly as presented. Have been happily eating leftovers for 3 days. Can't say the same for the poor pasta salad.