Friday, January 30, 2009

I wish I had something to tell you that's exciting. Like more exciting than an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese, which ended with one red goopy eye and a sick day today. Then my itunes settings were off, so I couldn't sync the episodes of Scooby Doo I bought for the ipod entertainment during tot music class. It's all set now.

Oh and the raging virus my computer had/has, which I can't fully get rid of and don't want to rebuild my computer and lose some of my "timeshared" software.

Old navy is having a great sale right now. I got the girly a cute thermal top in orange (she needs more non-pink in her wardrobe, stat), and two little baby holiday onepieces, all for $6. I just hope that #3 is not a giant monster child, and will run true to size.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The eagles are back! I just saw one land in a tree in my backyard.

The girl is now tattooed again on her arms and legs. And today she got her face too!!

Last night we went out to dinner, where our server, Dorothy, put her name on a napkin. This week The Wizard of Oz is on heavy rotation here. So the girl knew exactly. And then I realized that what would complete the napkin would be to add the word Surrender before her name, with our provided crayons. She thought this was hysterical and hadn't seen that before (which was a surprise to me). She went to hang it up out back. And then told us that she "always makes it home just fine". I hope my husband tipped her well.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So a few weeks back, the husband made a snowman en route to the bus stop, his name was Snowbert. Snowbert died in a warm spell.

Recently, a new snowman was constructed, who they decided looks bunny-like, and therefore his name is Hoppy. But at one point we toyed with him being a robot named Ro-bert. Robot plus snowbert. So there's a song, that is "my name is Ro-bert, my friend was snowbert! He got tipped over(t)." and although this song is silly and ridiculous, it gets stuck in my head for days.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh it is so cold. Times like now, I half wish we hadn't done public school for the boy. You know, the bus was a big bonus to this plan, but waiting for the bus, especially tomorrow, isn't so fun. Especially when I have to suit up and drag out the babygirl.

Also, I'm doing the decaf transition. I really should do it in earnest, but what happens is, I do it over the course of a month, to where I have half decaf half regular in the morning, just one cup, and then when the hormones come a-crashing, I ramp back up again. It makes for a fun start to the cycle. But it's not that practical and becomes a lot of work over the next few weeks, again. So today, I have my half decaf cup in front of me with half and half in it. The least I can do is substitute a little fat for my caffeine.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I got close to no sleep last night. Let's just say it has to do with a piece of property and the internal strife of knowing it doesn't exactly work out for us right now. If it did, soon, that would be great, but you see we own a house in a bad market. That and hormones and I had the strangest dreams ever. I wish I had the option of taking a nap right now, I really do. Until then, the xl coffee will have to cut it.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Today we got an invitation to the inauguration! I would love to go. But 5 million people, outdoors, in January, in somewhere only slightly more temperate than here, isn't such a great idea. Maybe if we visit in June, we'll actually get to see the tall man. So we wrote him a letter about that, and drew a picture of an ice breaker/truck/sidewalk plow which the boy thinks will be very useful on the sidewalks of DC. Oh I love him.

Also, this morning, the girl said to me, "let's make cookies!" and you know, I was up for that. The pictures are really great. She is helpful when she knows she'll get to eat much dough. She called it cereal. I mean, yes, it's oatmeal based, but it differs rather substantially when done.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

So, Deleria is writing every day. Go see her. Because I recognize that I can't write every day. My life isn't that interesting. Like today. Today is my first day without childcare on a Tuesday. So we're going to clean the guest room. Maybe go to Target as an activity. It's really great, my life. No, really, it really is.

Anyway, back to Deleria. The other thing she's giving me is a yen for latte. So I just googled how best to do this with my stovetop espresso maker (which, thanks google, isn't even espresso, it's moka) and I'm having the best latte my kitchen has ever seen.

So woohoo!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

So I've decided to try the special K diet. Two meals, two snacks a day of special k products or fruit. Which isn't really that hard, I really like cereal. I went and bought varieties last night. I can do almost anything for two weeks, right?

Also, the stubborn girl is now 95% potty trained. It took a few weeks before I knew her schedule, but well over a month more before she told me that she needed to go. Now we don't even do overnight pullups anymore. The only accidents lately have been true accidents, not telling me in time. Thank heaven. I will have the better part of a year, at least, without diapers. Phew.