Friday, March 31, 2006

Went to the beach today. It was like 70 here, but it was much chillier and breezier at the beach. G was absolutely soaked. Like wring-out-his-clothes soaked.

He's gonna sleep like a log.

Additionally, Netflix shouldn't let you get the "bonus features" dvd for a movie unless you've already rented the movie. Stupid. Now we have to wait another week until we get it. Rrrg.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Isn't it funny how you look back at baby pictures of your toddler, and they look like cute funny mini versions of themselves? Right now I think M is the cutest thing ever (and she is of course) but someday I'll look back at her pics and think "wow she looks like a small bald version of herself with sticky-outy ears".

Today I instituted the "sanity drive". It consists of plunking both kids into carseats, driving through mcd's for a diet coke (although a coffee would count too) and driving the 14 mile bridge-to-bridge loop. It worked and by the end I was excitedly pointing out street sweepers again to Nino. Although he did start making *that* awful noise again (you know it, it goes a little like "maaaahk" in order to wake the baby) and the trip to the buffalo store was truncated. "momma, why are we almost home? What about the buffalo store?" "you made that eardrum-shattering noise and now we're going home". He's not too scarred.

Monday, March 27, 2006

He's hysterical. We were just outside, where he used a garden shovel to fill up the bucket loader which filled the dump truck which filled a coffee can which filled the backhoe bucket. I love him. He's filthy now.

Drove to New Haven and back Friday afternoon. The reason all four of us were in the car was so that we could have an adventure. Instead, the backhoe was enormous and hubby didn't want to just leave it somewhere so we drove 6 hours with two small kids. Not ideal, but you know they weren't that bad. Slept most of both ways, up for dinner.

My dishwasher is leaving little specks all over everything. I think it's time to break out the Tang. I bought it for this purpose and still haven't actually made/tasted it. I'm tempted every time, but just can't do it.

I nearly forgot! I met Evan yesterday. He is 8 weeks old but was 9 weeks early, so right now he's about newborn size. He looks it. He's perfectly adorable. Such a peanut. Makes my 15 lber seem enormous. I love his little dark fuzz and daddy's heavy lids.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh so many things. This weekend was the Southie St. Pat's day parade. That was fun. I didn't spend much time outside, I was mostly inside on the couch with the boobs out. Nino wanted to stay out in the 36 degree weather for "one more guy". He loved the Clydesdales, the policemen (and their guns, *sigh*), the bagpipes, every single bit of it.

Hubby turned 40 on Monday. We hosted a little shindig. By little I mean "not many others than the family" but even with just local family, it ends up at 20 people easily. I made *lots* of meatballs. It was a hit.

Yesterday I worked all day. I have to figure out what I'm going to do. I like getting away and making money for a few hours a week, but only being a few hours a week means I'm relegated to kind of crappy work.

And today we start swimming lessons. He's really excited, but our only option was 4:30 pm, so he needs a nap. I am perfectly willing to drive him around to get that. I need a stamp pad for my new stamp (woot) so I'll just get it a bit further away.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

REI is dangerous. I went in there to buy some $.30 webbing and some $1 clips and walked out $79 later. Nino is going to have a great Easter basket though. They had an orange fleece vest. How could I not?

Monday, March 13, 2006

A lady at the grocery store yesterday said "what a beautiful baby. oh! and what a beautiful boy! You are a lucky woman."

And you know what? I am.

I have two awesome kids, even though right now both should be asleep and neither is.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I've just started reading (and starting to fall in love with) this book. It's published by LLL about Gentle Discipline. My poor Nino is being affected pretty majorly by his little sister, and we're all feeling the effects. What's great so far about this book is that it's not self-righteous like many sources I've seen. It's practical and it just flows with my lifestyle and parenting style. It's funny because just recently I've started responding to his naughty spells with either snacks or cuddle time, and it works. In the first chapter those are both sort of set up as prerequisites. I really hope that we can all get back on the happy track.

Meanwhile, it's gorgeous here. We're all sniffling. Something is blooming.

Oh and little miss has her bottom in cloth right now and she will for the forseeable future. It is keeping in her explosions, and keeping those nasty crystals off her perfect skin. I don't remember this with Nino but she gets them all the godforsaken time. It oogs me out. I'm okay with washing her poop. It's not that exciting yet though. Ask me when she starts eating food. ;o)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Our experiment in "doing something on Wednesdays" is going well. This morning we went to the pool. The best part about that is that it's the gym - where I've prepaid for childcare, so the girl is happy while we're a-splashing. Last week was ice skating which I feel will be another favorite. Storytime is at the same time, which is the only bummer. I wish storytime were a different day or something.

Speaking of the gym, I am back. I re-activated Monday, and have been each day since. I'm trying just to have 20+ minutes of aerobic activity until I feel that's not doing anything. I did 25 min on the bike at first, then 30 min on the elliptical, and today was 15 min on the elliptical, but dragging a 3 year old around the pool must count for something. Besides, it's nice enough we'll go for a walk later.

Our garden seeds have arrived. I am going to dig out those little greenhouse-tray thingies and Nino will help me load them up. We're just doing a few things - strawberries, cucumbers, broccoli.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I've decided I'm really offended by the trailer for "the hills have eyes". At the end, a little girl who has a malformed head, says "can you play with me mister?" or some such thing, and that's supposed to be SOOOOO spooky. Good God! Play with this incredibly ugly child? Hell no. God forbid she get some joy in her life living with serial killers and having picasso-like facial structure.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not at all sure where his interest in ice skating came from, but we've now been twice. If I'm the one going with him, I may just learn too. Although I'm not sure leaning over a toddler and sliding him back to the bench for snacks is really a learning experience.

Anyway, he should sleep well. "My tired momma".