Monday, August 29, 2005

Week vacation was just wonderful. We spent one day on the whale watch, one day going to Boston. We rode the swan boats, played with the ducks (you no longer can feed them), ate italian ice while watching the funky balloon thing. It was really great. And Nino is pretty much potty trained. I just started that first day with going potty every time we did anything, and for the last 4-5 days he's had accidents here or there, but he really gets it! Yahoo!

Here he is with the real swans and daddy:

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today we went on a whale watch. Even the boat's naturalist said it was a good day. We saw 2 minke whales, about 6-8 finback whales (the planet's second largest animal, the size of 4 brontosaurus!), and probably 50 pilot whales. Including babies and "socially active" pairs (which the lady later said meant mating).

Nino is there checking out the pilot whales (in all red of course):

Daddy's shoulder just so you can see how close they were. Pilots are only a bit bigger than a dolphin:

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Of the playgroup moms, I'm the only one still pregnant. That means I'm next! Wow. Still, 9+ more weeks to go.

I'm also the only one who won't be done after this.

But they are all girls. Ava just joined the neighborhood yesterday (well, actually, she won't be home until Saturday probably).

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We're on at-home vacation next week, and I'm kind of ridiculously excited. We're going to do stuff like go on a whale watch, go into Boston on the train and ride the swan boats (we're in a "make way for ducklings" place right now), hit the beach, and hopefully potty train. I don't want to have to do something every day, but I want it to be fun. I can't wait.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Fun weekend. Friday we headed to Atlanta to see the baby girl who is now one. Saw the new condo, which is super nice and should serve them well. Saturday hooked up with buds at Ikea. That place is nuts. Can't wait till we get our own. I got the weirdest assortment of storage boxes, little train toys. I wanted to find a bed rail for G's big boy bed, but no go. I guess we'll keep looking. I'm also thinking of making something of cloth, so maybe we'll hit the fabric store soon.

We also went out for grown up dessert (coffee for me, decaf, thanks) with another bud which was fun. Got to feel all growed up.

The travel was actually just fine. Nino was pretty good at walking himself (a few 'hoooolldd me momma' moments) and I had a good setup with the roller bag and the carseat. Not that I wanted anyone to bend over backwards for me, but I was surprised that *no one* did anything for the pregnant lady with toddler. They have a little tram that only has 4-5 seats on it and there were 3 able-bodied adult men on it with their bags. Nothin'. I should have enlisted one of those dumb little cars to take us to our gate.

Monday, August 08, 2005

I keep trying not to cry. Yesterday when Nino told Grandpa "our friend Vivian died" it near broke my heart.
I'm now realizing that it wasn't my fault. Heatstroke sounds bad. I just needed to give her a dunk and she'd be here, right? But really, its a super high fever that no one knows where it came from. Healthy dogs don't die of the heat on 74 degree days, right? It was the most beautiful day in weeks.
I hate that it happened so fast. I called Thursday saying she was acting funny but they weren't worried. Dogs act funny for a day or two and then are fine.
We're starting to set up the big boy room so we did some rearranging of furniture and rugs. Too much change for the little guy. "I want the living room back in here!!" (referring to the rug of course). And he keeps asking where Wivyun is. He likes the idea that she's a star. "A black and white one?" Man is he great.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Nino's new thing is to talk about things as if the worst happened. I was picking him up one day and he was outside at Suesues. Someone locked their brakes up behind me (no clue why, I had been stopped for a while with turn signal on) and he kept saying "that car slammed into momma's van!"

Or the other day, a family of ducks waiting to cross. After much honking, they turned away from the interstate. "Those ducks went under our car!"

Or coming off the exit ramp. "The car tipped over like this" with hand illustration and all.

Not to mention the swearing. Appropriately. "God dammit!" "Fucking crap!"

Hubby has let up and so has Nino.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm trying to make a poll.

It worked! See right. --->
Hypnobirthing #3 last night. We were late again. I said to hubby "well we kind of *have* to be late next time to be really consistent". Ugh.

Firstly, the breathing. I'm not that great at taking in a really slow breath so by the count of 8 I was stuffed, cause I gasp at 2. I'm supposed to be at 20. Gotta work at that. But she had her hand on my abdomen while we counted, and baby girl was whacking her but good. Then, we did a "fear release" session which was great. I had issues last week and this was good. There were times I was so out of it I barely heard her. So the imagery wasn't as strong but the trance part was A-one. However, I heard snoring. So then we finish up and T says "was I snoring?" Yes, it was *my* hubby who was asleep. At least he relaxed.

Monday, August 01, 2005

My son now says his name and address. Cracks me up. Only we know what he means. "Atch-a-bew-chee". "I live in Mass-uh-chew-sits!"
Good weekend. Started music classes on Friday. He loved it. Rhythm sticks, xylophones, dancing. Fun. And we have the cd so he keeps saying "momma! We sang this at music class!!" Went to the park for an evening concert Friday. Nino loved his broccoli and everyone around us was amazed."Broccoli yummy yummy!!"
And last night on the way home, he fell asleep at 5:30. I was entirely ready to wake up for the day at 4 and was pleasantly surprised that he slept right on through until 7:30. I guess he was a tired boy.