Thursday, April 28, 2005

So my neighbor called last night and her son has Fifth Disease. Ugh. And all I could do was read online, which is a bad idea. I don't need to read phrases like "spontaneous abortion". But my mom's pretty sure I've already had it, the midwives weren't that concerned, and will take blood at my next visit. I was at least hoping to come in for a little heartbeat check. I have to say, that's not a sound I mind hearing too much.

Monday, April 18, 2005

A good weekend, overall. Beautiful weather. Saturday was B's wedding, and we had a lovely time. She looked amazing, and seemed to have fun. SIL brought Nino to the reception, and he melted down. It was late, there were more people than he'd seen at once . . . we got our cake to go and skedaddled. We spent the night there (where none of us slept well), but the next morning got to have brunch with the newlyweds and all. I just adore H, he's so perfect for her. And Nino got to come to that, and be a superstar. Yesterday, another beautiful day, drove home, and caught up on laundry. We saw Fever Pitch (fun), went to bed early, we all slept like logs. Another beautiful day, but that I'm back at work. ;o)

Oh! And I got my pass letter for general structures. That just leaves one more exam until I can say Architect. Woohoo.

Here I am with the bride. I look kind of pregnant in this picture. Yikes!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another goodie. Got to see bub just spinning and flipping, and as a result it was hard to get a heartrate (160-something, she said), and hard to get a good pic (but I attached the one we did get). No indication of what caused the spotting, so they gave me the rhogam shot (now I have to move around to keep it from getting sore).

Anyhoo, things are fine. Measuring 12w6d, which is right in line with my edd of 10.21. Oh wait, that's a fourth due date, but it's right between the others they've given me.

And she wouldn't even peek between his/her legs, which is understandable, as you could barely see face, but they won't look before 16. She says that *sometimes* they can see a penis, but lack of one doesn't mean much.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Word to the wise: If you are having a surprise event, make sure that the person responsible for getting the guest of honor there knows their role. K thought it was her uncle’s fiftieth birthday, and we waited for her for 2 plus hours.

Anyway, it was still fun, and having M for the weekend was great. I can’t believe we made it the entire weekend without fried clams though. We must be getting old.

And some odd spotting yesterday has me scheduled for another ultrasound tomorrow. I hope everything’s okay and I just get a peek at the child again.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I'm fairly certain I feel flutters already. With Nino, I felt him around 14, so 12 isn't out of the question for #2. Heck, hubby told me yesterday that I look more pregnant now than at 6 months with Nino. Thanks.

Not to mention I'm back to the "craving sooo badly and then it makes me sick" stage. What is that? Why does a butterfinger make me salivate, and alternately make me heave?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

12 week appointment: started off with me being freaked out, as it took her a minute to find the heartbeat. And by "minute", I mean "14 of the longest seconds of my life". She kept finding my blood supply or something. But then. Oh then. 168 wonderful bpm. She let us listen for a gloriously long time, while nugget kept sliding away.

I've only gained like 3 lb to date, and I really want to keep that in check. Next appt is Friday the 13th! For my 16 week check and triple screen.

Monday, April 04, 2005

He is a riot. Last night I was changing into my pajamas and so Nino saw my boobies. He said “I like those momma milks”. Then he said he wanted some. So I said “big boys don’t have those, they’re for babies”. He said “no, those are for big boys. Those are for ME.”. Omylord. So then I said something again about babies, and he says “Sophia has Whitney’s momma milks?” Is he the smartest?