Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Last night we had a few "small in this universe" moments. We took dinner out to the beach and folded the van seats down. There were sand drifts, just like snow drifts, all over the roads and parking lots. 6-18" drifts in parking spaces. We're talking a ways from the ocean too. And we hopped out for a second and got pummeled by the rain, sand, salty air. It was wild.

Then on the way home, in the Evil Empire Walmart, lost power. It was *dark* for a few seconds, before the emergency lighting came up. Scary place to be, as that place ups my blood pressure anyway. I was ready to ditch but we needed our ivy plugs.
It was a nor'easter, we had twigs and branches all over the yard. So then hubby decides that Nino should sleep with us. Which was fine until I had about 6" of bed space. And I'm the pregnant one. So I scooped up the boy and back in his crib he went. And last night they were both sleep-talkers. No wonder I'm pooped.
And on a *very* exciting note, it seems John's Ted will be home Saturday. I'm so excited for them. Although he'll be taking time off at work so I'll be picking up some . . .

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