Thursday, July 13, 2006

"momma, what has foor?"
"no not four, foor"
"no not like a wooden floor, foor! like a deer has foor?"
"four legs?"
"no not four legs. a deer has foor on his legs, on his back, you know"
"oh FUR!!"
"yes *sigh* foor."
"oh. well lots of things have fur. racoons, deer, dogs, horses"
"no birds have feathers"
"swans are birds. they have feathers."
"jojo says that swans have foor."

That JoJo. He's a rascal.

By the way, the spaghetti squash was good. More squash and less spaghetti than I expected but still good.

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The Maven said...

Ok, that's incredibly cute!

Gutsy is about to enter the wonderful world of speech therapy. You just reminded me that I should probably blog about that. Most of our days are made up of me trying to figure out what he just said. I think he should have his own game show ;)