Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I understand it's a pretty common thing to have crushes on doctors, but both of my kids go to the same lady doctor. She's great and everything, but I don't run on that track. However, Monday, we had to reschedule and see another doc we don't usually see. I do *not* have a crush on Dr. Tom. Never, ever, thought of him that way. Last night, crush on Dr. Tom dreams. Now, even if I still didn't have a crush on him, I have that funny-embarrassing thing going on. Sigh.

Speaking of, babygirl is doing super well. She's now 5% for weight at not-quite-19 lb, still over 95% for head, and right in the middle for length. She can still wear her 6-9 month jeans, even if they're a little flood-levelish. She's not walking yet, so in a month I need to call if she's not. Seeing as she has been testing out steps this week, I don't think I'm going to make that call.

Also had a bizarre dream with my mom in it, where she recklessly drove and got us into an accident, involving the volksvan rolling, and I reamed her out (the KIDS are in the CAR what the HELL were you thinking?). Which I suppose I would, but she never would.

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