Saturday, April 26, 2008

So the boy spent the night with my parents the other day. He has been interested in Indiana Jones for about 6 months now. I have no idea how or why, or what put in his mind that action movies with nazis and living skeletons are good fare for a five year old, but he was *not* disappointed. Staying up too late, going out for breakfast at the airfield diner, and watching not one but *two* Indy movies, yup.

Now he is out in the yard, wearing Batman pajamas, with snow boots and black gloves, because the pajamas have a cape and the gloves and boots complete the look. Of course they do.

Oh by the way, stop by and say hi to Jason. I'm tempted to insert some joke about his leg muscles after driving a rickshaw for several weeks, but I think that'd be in bad taste. He's a real genuine architect, and the rickshaw thing is just a hobby. ;o)

Oh wait. Speaking of bad taste. Yesterday, I saw these mud flaps on a tractor trailer, which I can't find online to share, but it was a red dot wearing sunglasses, and it said "blind spot". And I'm thinking to myself "wow I wonder if a blind person saw that, if they'd be offended". And then of course, I went "a blind person couldn't see that!" and actually, alone in the car, laughed out loud. I am going straight to hell, huh?

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marthadotcom said...

if you're going to hell, jason will be carrying the handbasket!