Friday, March 20, 2015

We have a very tall, unfinished basement. There is a room off to one side, that has one window, that will be a playroom. There's a wood stove in the main part of the basement, but no heat in this area. Thinking maybe an electric fireplace unit? Not sure, but at this point, it will be done in the spring and won't need heat for a few months.

We have the manstad couch from ikea, which folds out into a full size bed. It's moving down there, to serve as a sleepover/guest space. And I have an existing dresser painted orange, so I'm thinking navy/gray/orange.

As far as the ceiling, we need to have something that's easy, accessible, and self supporting, but looks good. A dropped ceiling would be ideal if it weren't so awful. However, the room is not even 8' wide, so our options open up. At which point I realize that roofing materials easily span 8', and lovely pinterest shows me people use that as ceiling. Corrugated metal ceiling, which will also help direct sunlight from that single, high window:

Oh, there's also a 7' x 7' bumpout, which we had initially planned as a wine cellar. Now we are thinking gym space, but ideally we would build a platform at about 7' tall, as an interior tree house. Again, we have 14' of height in there. And a child who *loves* to climb. So it will likely be accessed with a rope swing or climbing wall or both. I'm in love with the ikea "physical play" line, but they seem to have discontinued the circus-type apparatus which I really wanted.

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