Thursday, November 24, 2005

Today I got something awesome to be thankful for. The little girl gave the cutest little chuckle. Yes, she was asleep, but in my arms, she gave a big grin and then . . "huh heh huh". Oh man. :adore

Tomorrow I have to go shopping for some fleece, so I might hit a store or two also. Depending on how I feel about it all.

It was a lovely turkey day, with the beautiful, well behaved children, and me getting some quality free lap and arm time, what with all the relatives. We made the call not to trek to Auntie's house, as it was snowing, and wouldn't you know that it stopped just before we sat down. I have leftovers galore.

We're trying to stay up to watch Nemo, but I'd like to be in bed before it even begins (8:30). I hope Nino falls asleep early. Massi is already asleep on me right now. And now my husband of all people is shopping. He and his brothers (all of them) went to Freeport. 24/7/365. Good for them. Last time I got a new vest out of the deal. :D

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Anonymous said...

She sounds like a little, toothy angel. I love it when he smiles and laughs. Keep the pictures coming!