Saturday, August 12, 2006

Our neighbor has a fish pond. She let us use her pool for a few weeks for swimming lessons, and the pool is always open to us. She mentioned that she wanted a frog for her fish pond. So this afternoon, we went to Uncle's house, got out the nets, and grabbed her three tiny frogs. And luck of all lucks, they are different patterns - stripey, spotty, and mostly plain. So we delivered them. I hope they flourish there. It was a fun adventure and I hope it worked out.

Fortunately, the chinese soup tub stayed shut the entire ride and the only thing that smells of frog water is the tub itself. I drove in a tizzy all worried.

Both kids also have a viral rash. No telling what it is, but they have a lacy but not bumpy rash primarily on their cheeks. Also present on arms, shoulders, and bum. In the sun, it gets nice and red and streaky on the cheeks and they look like I should have them shuttered up with chicken soup or something. But they're really fine.

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