Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My boy has started karate. He has now gone four times, two private and two group lessons. It is hysterical. He loves it. Hiya! I wish they had classes during babygirl's nap time, as she could snooze in a stroller, but instead I'm keeping her quiet and off the mats the entire time and not really paying attention to my boy.

Today we went to the beach, even in the rain. It was actively raining when we arrived, so we ate lunch under the pavilion. By the time we were done it was merely cloudy and drizzly, so we walked to the waterfront, where they dug. Then, of course, a game ensued with cousin A (who had her sixth birthday today, happy to you princess) which involved laying in the sand. Apparently there were child eating vermin in the sand and this is what we get:
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He's asleep now under the power of Benadryl. He seems to be doing just fine.

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