Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh it's been so long. Probably a day or so after my last entry, we got hit by The Sick. It began with the stomach of the boy, then morphed into the respiratory systems of everyone. Except the little girl, knock on wood. So now we're all 80% better, with lingering hacking coughs and diminished appetites. No swimming lessons for us today, bummer.

Then, this week, in the midst of all this, a project which I never expected to see again, resurfaced. "Hi, can you get the drawings to us tomorrow afternoon?" TOMORROW afternoon? So I go like mad, and with a few hours to spare, get a message about a "miscommunication" and I have until the 27th. That's like another 12 days, which is forever compared to what I thought. I called the client to see if he still wanted to see anything today, and he was like "just stop and we'll talk monday". Probably because surf's up and he doesn't want to work today either. I love having hippie-organic-restaurant owners who are surfers as clients.  A blast. 

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