Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So we had this tax fiasco for 2007, which resulted in us paying about $42,000 in taxes to the IRS and state over the last 15 months. Just now, I wrote out my final check. The business reimbursed us, but it still sucks. Want to know why? Because our (personal) stimulus money, tax refund, anything, was applied toward that. Not only that, but that extra money bumped us into a higher tax bracket, so the taxes paid on "our" money were also taxed at the higher rate.

Paying bills is always a mixed feeling. I feel great - I know we have heat and hot water and internet acces (what? it's important, man!!) for 30 more days. However, the money goes in and just as quickly goes out. Yes, some goes into savings and some into 401k, but it's all gone. I mean seriously *gone*. I get maybe one trip to the atm where the receipt makes me look like a lottery winner, and the very next one makes me go "how long until next month?"

Living the American Dream, I tell ya.

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