Thursday, November 06, 2014

Kids' room.

So here's the thing. The kids loft is going to be about 12'x13'. Tiny. The way it lays out, I can have 3 beds side by side, with the feet in the low slope. I'm thinking I will do all white bedding, with different color accents. The two boys can have the blue quilt, the girl the pink/red, and then maybe a green pillow, a blue pillow, and a red pillow, yes?

The beds themselves would actually just be slatted bases, with low legs added.

Ideally, I would have a little unit that's the headboard/storage - because we will roll up all of the bedding and mattresses and stick them in there, and it would seal up nicely, and vermin would stay away. This would be perfect, but they're $350 each. 

Oh did I mention we are on a strict budget? Well, we are. I've considered trying to find lateral files (yes, metal office furniture) on craigslist and painting them, but even that's not that cheap. Any ideas?

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