Monday, January 10, 2005

Relatively nice weekend here. Dull and nice. Friday playgroup mom announced her pregnancy. Insanely jealous, yet very happy for her. I know that I don't *really* want it to happen for a few months, but you know . .

Not to mention today I found out it's not happening this month.

We got a bunch of snow. Nino loved it. He loves to be outside, help daddy clean up, all that. He gets mad when it gets in his eyes. He was on daddy's back in the backpack (aka "pack-pack") and yelled at it. Picture it please, hand up in "stop" position, saying "no snow no. Momma, snow booooothering me". He's a godforsaken riot.

But we were all feeling a bit punky. Stomach bug of some sort. Not fun. It put a bit of a kink in our weekend. Yesterday we were all slugs. It was kind of nice. Wish I could do the same again today.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Hil!

Have loved reading more about all of you, and loved the dolls on your site. Am thinking that I will be in the market for dolls soon.. ;-)

Take care,

Amanda (manna_0417)