Monday, June 20, 2005

Great weekend. Friday I turned 30. Yow! Got hubby to take me for steak (yahoo for pregnancy mandated "protein"). Went into the North End for some super pastries. Still eating those. Then picked up Julie at the airport. Birthday party (and cake!!) showed up Saturday afternoon which was fun. Saturday night had a weird not-hungry-until-it-was-too-late experience, so we had pizza after driving all over creation. Fun to watch the peeps at the Hampton Boardwalk, but none of us were in the mood for Fry-Doe so we ended up at home again. Yesterday Fathers day with my dad and father of my kiddos.

Then, last night, after the airport, Nino was asking for "jooooooooo-weee" the whole way home, at least until he fell asleep. And this morning, he wondered "where that girl go?" He wants to go to her house and visit. I said okay.

And last night hubby finally agreed that this child will be Eleanora or Rosa, with him leaning toward the latter, myself the former. I will work on that one.

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coop (mary) said...

Happy belated birthday, Hilary! Glad you got to go out for a nice meal and enjoy. The farm sounds like a blast, let me know how it went and maybe we'll go later in the summer. The farm we usually go to in Ipswich is full of "retired" farm animals, so there are rarely any babies there other than ducks and bunnies. :)