Monday, June 27, 2005

Man alive was it hot this weekend. Spent altogether too much time in Debbie's inflatable pool. Was a bit better about wearing the sunscreen but still not good enough.

The farm was really wonderful. Truly wonderful. G-man loved holding baby birdies, feeding the goat a bottle, all of it. We washed our hands about ninteen times and I think that we've come out bacteria-free. The only bad thing at all this weekend was the stupid ticket for driving through a yellow light with a white license plate, in NH. Meanies. I'd have to go to Jaffrey to contest it. Because I have a sitter and/or vacation time to do so. Ugh.

"It was red when you saw it, and red when you drove through it."

Here is the boy feeding a baby goat.
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And last night, we inherited an air conditioner - the standalone one. Sooo much better a sleeping night.

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