Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Babygirl is one (and 2 days, now). Internet connection was royally effed up, and the technician told us it was a big fix. Turns out he's a moron and we're fine.

Annnyway, she's now up to 17 lb 13 oz (that's the 6%, so she's not forward facing any time soon), 29" long (48%) and has a 97% head. According to the doc, that's part of the reason she's likely not walking. She pulls up but doesn't want to get that melon going too fast, it'll take a girl down hard. Several younger babies in the waiting room had pounds on us. But the doctor cited a new study linking large head size to higher IQ. Of course.

Meanwhile, big brother is thriving at school. Has a zillion friends, is pooped every afternoon, comes home with more artwork than eight fridges could handle, it's all good. Teachers are really good at working with what he gets and what he doesn't. I love when they tell me about little parts of him that I know and love too.

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