Thursday, October 05, 2006

Remind me what a great thing journalling does for my waistline. 7 days in a row writing every morsel down, 2.2 lb. Direct relation, no doubt. Even when at least 4 days start with cider donuts.

Working on keeping the house clean. I feel like it's starting to spiral away from me, and we haven't even had a single speck of interest yet. Two active kids is just too much. Little Miss is now standing up, pulling up, and occasionally letting go. I've been counting on her walking as late as her brother, which leaves me 3 more months. She doesn't seem to know of this plan. I'll work on that.

Lots of apples at home, what with 2 trips to Cider Hill Farm under our belt. Lots more to come, one more trip this weekend. Come over next week for apple pie okay?

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