Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Okay, so I found this (I don't know why my link doesn't work, so here: tutorial for a fabric dollhouse, and I was going to make the girl one for her birthday. Then yesterday, I was trying to distract her during an older kid get-her-out-of-here playdate, and we made it. It took all of 90 minutes, even with 3 year old help, so I highly recommend. Next time I'm going to leave less seam allowance and make it less floppy. Also get some cute buttons to hold it together and some premade embroidery thingies for the gardnen.

Anyhoo, here tis:

So then I was bummed that her christmas gift was spoiled. But I saw someone mention making a fairy house, and that seems really, incredibly cute. She's in love with tinkerbell (who is the cutest of the disney characters, and is blond and "spunky/stubborn" like mine). So maybe I'll make her a fairy themed one with woodsy things, and then get her some tiny tink dolls like so, but without all the stuff, maybe get some of her friends:

Then I will still make a handful of them for cousins/friends/brother. The big boy is really into zoo, has all the schleich animals and a Steve Irwin figurine, who happens to be the right size, and I'm thinking safari vet place. Somehow, all of his animals get badly hurt and/or separated from their parents. Tragic.

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