Monday, October 27, 2008

Sometimes I laugh and laugh, then for good measure laugh some more.

The girl was jabberjaws (possibly related to earlier halloween candy) at bedtime. So she was telling me all about the guys at walmart who are skeletons, which means they have the bones on the outside. Some of them have green bones, and I don't like that, and that's disgusting. But one of them is a pumpkin who sings "Iiiiii want candeee!" just like that momma, and then there's a skeleton head who sings "Iii want candee!" And there's a song in Debbie's car, that is like that, momma, it says "Iiiii want candeee!" And also in Debbie's car, there's a song about Ghostbusters. Sometime momma can we watch a movie about Ghostbusters? There are ghosts in it but they're just pretend, just made up not real. And one of them has a red button, and when you press the red button, the ghost says (remember earlier tune here) "Iiiiii am spooookeeee!"

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marthadotcom said...

that is hilarious! wow, she is wicked smart!