Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hypnobirthing #3 last night. We were late again. I said to hubby "well we kind of *have* to be late next time to be really consistent". Ugh.

Firstly, the breathing. I'm not that great at taking in a really slow breath so by the count of 8 I was stuffed, cause I gasp at 2. I'm supposed to be at 20. Gotta work at that. But she had her hand on my abdomen while we counted, and baby girl was whacking her but good. Then, we did a "fear release" session which was great. I had issues last week and this was good. There were times I was so out of it I barely heard her. So the imagery wasn't as strong but the trance part was A-one. However, I heard snoring. So then we finish up and T says "was I snoring?" Yes, it was *my* hubby who was asleep. At least he relaxed.

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