Saturday, March 11, 2006

I've just started reading (and starting to fall in love with) this book. It's published by LLL about Gentle Discipline. My poor Nino is being affected pretty majorly by his little sister, and we're all feeling the effects. What's great so far about this book is that it's not self-righteous like many sources I've seen. It's practical and it just flows with my lifestyle and parenting style. It's funny because just recently I've started responding to his naughty spells with either snacks or cuddle time, and it works. In the first chapter those are both sort of set up as prerequisites. I really hope that we can all get back on the happy track.

Meanwhile, it's gorgeous here. We're all sniffling. Something is blooming.

Oh and little miss has her bottom in cloth right now and she will for the forseeable future. It is keeping in her explosions, and keeping those nasty crystals off her perfect skin. I don't remember this with Nino but she gets them all the godforsaken time. It oogs me out. I'm okay with washing her poop. It's not that exciting yet though. Ask me when she starts eating food. ;o)

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