Monday, October 08, 2007

Other than being asked if I was pregnant (:upset), very good weekend. The hellish trip of August was a longer mileage and significantly less stressful, traffic-wise, trip of October. I was a bit pissed at the hubby who caused us to leave at noon and miss the rehearsal dinner, but the wedding was worth it. Finally got the boy on a Duck Tour, which he's wanted to do ever since he knew it was something that could be done, and it was fun for us all. Cheesy jokes work in such a setting.

Protestors at the Independence Mall, who decided they had the right to show my children graphic images, while not knowing my political views, got the finger from my husband and I. I hate people sometimes.

The wedding was lovely, kids well behaved and beautiful, and it was so fun to see all sorts of old pals. The kids room was a fantastic call and the kids had loads of fun. Sleeping was so-so for the girly, but you can't get it all. Trip home was shorter, and even less stressful. Overall, very worthwhile. Only thing is, camera was on the fritz. I hope lots of friends share their photos.

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