Wednesday, May 07, 2008

One week from tonight I am running a 5k. You say, but haven't you done this before? And I say yes, but I had to walk at two points, for a few minutes each time. No, no, in one week I am running the entire thing. In fact, I already ran the course earlier this week. And although at times, I am sure I could have been walking faster, I was in full running mode the entire distance.

I've already scheduled my massage for the day after. What? I'm so worth it.

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The Maven said...

Back in the day before I had Spawnling and when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I could almost run 5k.

Please run one of those kilometers for me. After all, I'm Canadian and we do everything in kilometers. It's only fair that you think of me while running.

I will eat brownies for you to celebrate. Thank you.