Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sometimes I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Tonight, it's a lovely summer evening, so we decided to go out to eat. Our standard place is a fried clams type place, but as soon as we left, we realized that it is on the other side of the tolls, and so we reconfigured our plan and ended up at a local, but "nicer" place. We had to wait 1/2 hour, so we wandered among the boats at the marina. It only took 20 minutes. We sat at a "high top" table on the water, but the kids handled it awesomely. They both sat happily, ate fish shaped ravioli and commented on the bridge openings, and stayed relatively clean and adorable. Lovely breeze off the water, lighter fare than we'd expected, in a good way (really good pear-pistachio topped salad).

Oh and I cut her hair! More added to the adorableness that people kept commenting on. ;o)

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The Maven said...

Oh CUTE!! Love the hair!