Tuesday, January 06, 2009

So, Deleria is writing every day. Go see her. Because I recognize that I can't write every day. My life isn't that interesting. Like today. Today is my first day without childcare on a Tuesday. So we're going to clean the guest room. Maybe go to Target as an activity. It's really great, my life. No, really, it really is.

Anyway, back to Deleria. The other thing she's giving me is a yen for latte. So I just googled how best to do this with my stovetop espresso maker (which, thanks google, isn't even espresso, it's moka) and I'm having the best latte my kitchen has ever seen.

So woohoo!

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The Maven said...

My life is really, really dull as well. I have to draw from a list of ideas I've filed away in the grey matter for future use. Most days are not worth talking about! Thanks for giving me a shout-out, though. I'm thrilled to bits!