Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I just took both kids to the dentist. Prices have gone up by like 200%, but we were getting a super sweet deal before. Anyway, kids are great, which I was worried about, because tooth brushing is pretty low on the girl's list, like below toenail clipping and hair brushing. Ugh.

But I did learn two things. Girly has two teeth that are slightly discolored - the second ones "out" on top, both of them, and I thought it was related to her brushaphobia. But they think it's just that she had a fever while those were forming, since it's so symmetrical and all. Cool to know how the body prioritizes. And since they're baby teeth, no one really cares. Also, we had no idea that the boy's big top two are loose. He's going to look so different without those guys, and especially when the huge ones grow in!

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