Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I made a mistake recently. I started lurking on a due date club and then started posting. And you see, I've spent some time on the interwebz and I know that I am pretty stuck in my ways. And I also know that these clubs are way more traditional than I. Lots of "of course I'm getting a (sic) epidural" or "if it's a boy he'll be Jayden because it's so original" but still I go there. And as it always does, the topic of circumcision comes up. When your arguments are "I have been with uncirc'ed men and ewww!" you lose all credibility to me. Also, uncircumcised is like saying unamputated arm. You have to remove your arm, else it's just the way you come. Not that I think it compares with amputation, just that it's such a double negative it makes me cringe.

So I (in a definitely self-conscious and definitely deliberately inflammatory way) said "I am not interested in cosmetic surgery for my newborn" and got all "why be judgemental!!" (again, sic, these people need spelling lessonz). But "uncirced is eww" is not judgmental?

So I need a breather and to talk to people who have left the midwest, ever. Oh that was so totally judgmental. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

aww. I'm sorry you ran up against that. I still get flak for not having Sam circ'd, and our doctor (bless him) totally had no opinion on the subject. He said to do what we felt was right.

Talking to boys with a younger sibling who is not circ'd, they are more likely to say "Why did mom and dad leave his alone, and get rid of mine?" (I didn't know quite how to answer that and referred him to his mom!)

Anyway, until they come out with really convincing medical evidence that routine circumcision is safer for all men, not just in the developing world, I'm glad we didn't do it.

so are you feeling some blue vibes this time around? :)

The Maven said...

I'm so there with you on that stuff. Having circ'd my first boy and not my second two I've learned a thing or two about what seems like such a 'personal choice'.

I joined a due date club on mothering.com when I was preggers with The Spawn. I'm still in touch with a few of those people and I felt much more kinship than something on a traditional site like babycenter.com. In fact, I was one of the least crunchy, which is really saying something ;)