Saturday, September 25, 2004

This morning was Lily's third birthday party. They have such a perfect yard for it. Nino rode the rent-a-pony, and loved the bunnies, chickens, and ducks that accompanied. His favorite was, of course, the dirt pile. He wanted a minimum of 2 trucks at any time, which wasn't good when others wanted to play too. He wanted no part of the pigs in blankets, so guess who got to eat them? Ugh. No wonder I'm fat. He did, however, love the cupcakes and popcorn cake.

Meanwhile, he is now in mega-nap mode. He's been asleep near 2 hours, on the floor (sleeping bag, don't worry). He is so damn cute. He sweats when he sleeps and his head smells like boy-sweat. The snaps on his overall-shorts come undone every time he squats, so he's sweaty and undone and still a bit dirty from this morning and he's perfect. Kitties are asleep on the couch and I get a few minutes to myself. Laundry is done and my outfit for tomorrow is ready.

We're headed on vacation Thursday. We had a big overnight fight as hubby said he "couldn't go". He's known for months and had a meeting that same day. Rather than try to reschedule his plane ticket, he was going to stay home. Because Disney World will be sooooo much fun by myself with a 2 year old. I thought he was looking for an excuse, as he's not thrilled about spending 5 days with my mom and sister who "treat him like crap". Yes, they do, but you've been known to respond in kind. Meanwhile, he thinks that I think his job is easy and his working ridiculous hours is by choice. Why is it that it takes a huge blowout fight 3 times a year to make our relationship stronger? If we could just communicate better in between, it wouldn't happen. I love him so much and only want to be with him, so this came as such a huge blow.

Not to mention that people say stupid stuff when fighting and he said some hateful things. I wish it could be undone and he said he didn't mean it but I always feel like you do mean it, sort of, in order for it to be in there. He didn't even remember and when I repeated to him, word for word, he looked sad and embarassed. Then it was my turn to feel bad. Now we're in the fight honeymoon stage. It'll be fine, he'll make do with a laptop and pricey hotel internet, and we are staying in a different villa from my parents.

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