Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Well, my blood pressure is down! Woot! It was like 128/74 - the lowest it's been in months. I'm just so happy. Lots more listening to the HB cds and protein and ice cream. Baby was very active again. I really like the doctor I saw - she's the closest to a midwife a doc can be, and she hypnobirthed her 3 kids.
Also had class #2 last night. That was fun. Weird small world stuff with one of the dads who's getting his MArch. I feel huge though learning when they were due - a full month before me. Lucky first timers. We did some self-hypnosis and I, the skeptic, was surprised by how effective it was. Almost scary to feel that cottony numb feeling. If I can feel cottony and numb when in labor, perfecto.

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