Monday, March 14, 2005

Another good weekend. Not much going on. We're slowly telling more and more people (BIL Pete and his wife yesterday). Also, we're now officially committed to hosting Easter. That actually should be quite fun. I like having holidays so we don't have to trek around to see everyone.

Got a ton of snow on Saturday. I wasn't able to go to Rachel's party, but we did stay in and bake and stuff. I don't mind being snowed in. And fun with the boy.

Yesterday was a sick day. I'm glad I now have sick and not sick days, as opposed to the badness throughout of a bit ago.

My sense of smell is returning. Good, in that it brings taste with it. Mmm, funnybones. I just fear that the onion bagel I smelled at noon in the elevator is the one I brought in at 8 am and everyone has been smelling it since. In denial, I say no.
I'm also sad because A is losing her baby. She's as far along as I am, and we met on a ttc after miscarriage board. We got pregnant the second time together and her daughter is just 6 days younger than Nino. We were due within 3 days again this time. She's paid her dues. This shouldn't happen.

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