Friday, October 15, 2004

Just gave the boy a bath. We all ate ice cream in jammies and now he's playing with daddy. I love that laugh.
This afternoon Nino took a mega nap which made us late for Charlotte's birthday party. We still had a ton of fun, but he now knows how to unwrap dum-dums. He probably had 4. :( It was so bad that I was pushing cupcakes on him, thinking that they at least had more substance. He had a blast though and came home with a bag full of trinkets. Fake bugs, right up his alley.
And the Sox got rained out. I hope it's not an omen. Everyone at the gym today was wearing Red Sox gear.

And Viv is doing loads better. She ate tons today, is peeing on a regular schedule and normal volume, and is her spunky self. I so hope that her recovery is a full one, and that her life hasn't been shortened significantly

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