Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sunday morning we went to Maine to look at properties. We initially thought we could make a ton of money on our house which we got super cheap, and pay off all mortgages and really do some good college saving. Turns out that's not going to happen in the area we're talking about. We have to change our mindset. Ideally, we'd build a brand new house, but maybe we need to look into a house that has expansion possibilities. Really, it's all about the location. What we have is nearly perfect. Great neighborhood, great neighbors, nice quiet street, beautiful view, water frontage, big lot. Not hard to find right? ;o)
If it weren't for the taxes and the fact that ILs live in and are very involved in town, we'd stay. Now it's a less agressive schedule, just waiting for the right thing to come our way. And expanding our radius. I wouldn't go any further north, but maybe west along the river.
I talked to Miranda the other night. It was fun. I don't just sit and chat with people on the phone so much any more.

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Rachel said...

I think you're just spoiled by your current house, don't you? It's OK. You'll find a great spot eventually.