Monday, October 11, 2004

She's just a dog, right?

Vivian has enormous bladder stones. There are two of them, baseball sized. She's having them removed Wednesday. But harder still is that the kidney damage may be irreparable. She's just the best, sweetest dog ever. She's only six, so I'm hoping that her youth and spunk will help her recover. I just fear that we're going to spend $1000 on surgery and she still won't be okay. I shouldn't be this sad but somehow I am. She was an abandoned puppy set to be put down and is, bar none, the best dog I've ever known. The smartest, the cutest, the nicest, the spunkiest. *sniff*

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Mama Duck said...

Just surfed on and have been enjoying reading your blog. Sometimes I think its the worst when our pets get sick b/c people without them don't understand how much a part of the family pets become. Best of luck to the pup!