Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A recap of our week.

Tuesday: Appointment with Hypnobirth instructor. That afternoon, BP sends me for 24-hr observation in hospital. Baby has remained head down.

Wednesday: Discharged to bedrest.

Thursday night: awoken by serious baby movement.

Frday: Another BP check, NST, and Biophysical profile. DH is in xray for his foot while I am in radiology for BPP. His tibia has chips. She is certainly head up. Because of BP issues, they want her delivered soon. Soonest time available is Monday morning at 7:30. I figure we have the weekend to decide on a name and figure out G's childcare, etc.

Friday night: Climb into bed with Harry Potter. About 11 I feel funny. Get up to use the toilet. Poor DH is trying to hobble off the toilet for me and I feel I can't hold it. Turns out I'd sprung a large leak. I sit on toilet, hoping it's an "all at once" thing. We call MIL and I'm still leaking. This is a lot of liquid. G wakes up, I give him a kiss, Grandma settles in on mattress on floor. Get to hospital, where contractions have begun. Still leaking, they get me ready for C. Signing forms. Meanwhile, labor is really kicking in. I think it'd have been a fast one, as in the 1.5 hrs since my water broke, I really have to concentrate on them. They did no internal because of the germ factor, but I felt similar to when I showed up at the hospital with G, 5 cm.

Dr. Parker, the anesthesiologist, rocks. He talked me through it all, took necessary precautions but not over the top. "My" nurse, Molly, rocks too. She was who I'd have chosen to look after my baby. I get in there, they give me the spinal, which works immediately. I felt very lightheaded, and couldn't tell if it was the lights or the weirdness of the situation or what. My BP had dropped, so they adjust my medication. DH is brought in on his rolly stool and in his jumpsuit. I didn't know they had begin to cut me until I hear "there's her bum!!" and hear the yell. I could tell they were doing stuff, but not even a moment of discomfort. She is placed in the warmer. I watch DH cut the cord, hear her yell yell yell, her little bright red body. She came out very clean, a bit of blood, some vernix, and her hair is red when wet. Suddenly I feel my heartbeat in my ears. Dr P adjusts my meds again. My BP kept plummeting and I felt woozy.

As soon as I'm stitched up, we are brought to a recovery room, where I can hold her and nurse her. I'm very, very shaky, but she's a champ and knows what she wants. I probably shook for about an hour afterwards. It's weird to shake like that and not be cold.

Baby girl is bathed, swaddled, and we all go back to our room. Zonk out for several hours. At some point that afternoon, we officially decide on her name. Just seeing her, we know. It's perfect.

Massima Ward I. 6 lb 13 oz, 19" peanut.

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Anonymous said...

We know, your going to make us wait to know her name, aren't you??

Gosh, Hilary, she is just perfect. So beautiful. Congratulations Mommy, Daddy, and Big Brother G. I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Awh Hilary! She is just BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations to you all! So sorry about the c-section though....hope you're recovering well and can't wait to find out her name! Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hil!!! She is a beautiful little girl, you've worked so hard to get her here.

Put your feet up, have a cuppa tea and just take her in. :)