Thursday, October 20, 2005

We just got back from princess's checkup. She had been a bit jaundiced. Today, they didn't even think she needed a heel prick, she's such a normal color. Her hips "don't feel breechy", but they still do a two-week ultrasound. And she *is* getting two teeth. I'm not nuts. They brought all the nurses out since it's so rare. My superstar.

And they want breastfed babies to their birthweight by two weeks. Five days later, she's 7 lb exactly - 3 oz over her birthweight. WTG momma milk!

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Anonymous said...

Woah, teeth already? I've heard of it before but hear it's really rare! She must be a superstar!

Glad that she doesn't seem jaundiced anymore and that she has regained her birthweight.

And I LOVE her name BTW :)